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southrnpride69 said:
there is no hole to screw the knock senser into block
Please forgive my ignorance if I am wrong but.

On my 86 Bronco 302 EFI, I think the knock sensor screws into the lower intake manifold.

I think thats wher it is becouse about 7 years ago I replaced it, and thaught it being on the lower intake was strange.

I also remember it being there from when I put the Mustang MAF sequintial EFI on it, becouse the Mustang computer and harness dont use a knock sensor, so ther is this sensor just plugging up a hole in my intake only the hole doest go anywhere, so I could remove it, but I didnt.

And I am verry sure there is not a whole for it in my block

Of cours my 86 may also just be an odball:shrug

Then again I may be crazzy:wacko
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