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351windsor with stock carb "motorcraft 2bbl" stock everything from carb to oil pan with the exception of edelbrock aircleaner.
so last night im driving the truck for about 5 mins to run and get some food, she is running perfect, then stop and get some gas and after filling up, its hard to start, took about 4 cranks, then it fires up and I let it run for a sec before clearing it out a little with the accelerator, put her in drive and was driving home and thinking to myself "man this thing is running good, seem'd very smooth" even idling at a traffic light, well im parked in front of my garage in gear idiling waiting for the garage to open up and the truck dies " level ground" I go to restart it and it wont start for about 10 minutes, then when it did finally crank it was acting as if it was flooded, it limped into the garage and when I would let it run in there it stunk and was idling poor.

im leaning towards either carb is jacked up or ignition issues.
the temp of the truck wasnt even in the middle of the guage, my truck runs pretty cool even for Vegas
also things to note, upon start up recently it seems to spit out a bit of black sut from the exhaust and then clears out and runs good, and intermittenly after sitting for more than a day it will take awhile to fire as if fuel is being returned back to the tank after driving, but that happens intermittenly

sorry for the long post, just wondering if there are any other avenues to look at before tearing into her

1985 bronco xlt 5.8 351 windsor
bone stock
c6 automatic
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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