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I am considering 6" suspension lift to stick some 35" tires under it, but I know if I do this it would be a good idea to regear to 4.10 or 4.56. Seeing as though I suck at vehicles in general, what would I be paying a decent shop in parts and labor, total, to install a 6" lift and to regear to 4.10? I've searched and tried adding up prices of parts from around the internet, but it hasn't gone so well. Has anyone had this done or does anyone have a rough idea what this is going to run?

The best estimate I've been able to come up with is:

6" lift - $800ish?
Installed- $400-800?
New gears- ???
Installed - ????
Other parts -????

It sucks being ignorant of all this stuff and I'm pulling my hair out. Basically, this summer when I no longer need the Bronco everyday, I just want to buy the parts, take the Bronco to a shop, and just leave it and let the geniuses there take care of everything, and just give me a call when it's done.

I've been reading through here, and I saw Tom's in Lexington mentioned. I've also been referred to Tom's by some local car dealerships, so I may give them a try - plus I think I saw someone on the boards here works at Toms? Does Tom's take care of the lift/regearing/etc that needs to be done to successfully complete a lift?

Sorry for being annoying and repetitive, but I've been putting off a lift for a long time because of the monotonous amount of work that goes into it, but my buddy got a 95 F250 7.3L Jacked up and after seeing it, feeling it, and riding in it, I simply can not put this off for another two years. :banghead It's gotta get done.
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