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I see Broncos
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Wierd looking 4x over at the auction house by my house. I can only gues they are more common in nothern territories like Canada. It's just wierd to see here.

And one pic inside:


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Looks like some kind of mobile command unit for a police force or swat team

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I see Broncos
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Found it It's a converted crashtruck into a RV. Looks like it was just sold at Barret Jackson for 45,000. I find it wierd that it showed up at this auction house.

I see Broncos
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More info:

1979 Oshkosh M1000, rebuilt from the ground up, completed July 2002. As August 2007, 90,000 incredible miles traveled.

Fuel Capacity
190 US Gallons Diesel, Mileage 6 mpg US (This rating is approximate as the generator, heat and engine pre-heater all use diesel from the same source).

Two tanks, frame mounted, around 30 gallons.

Fresh water
120 US gallons, insulated with pre-filter

Grey water
53 US gallons

Black water
50 US gallons

Oshkosh M1000 Military

Caterpillar 3406A diesel, 335 HP, 1000 Ft. Lb. torque.
CAT OPT In-framed Oct, 2002

Allison 740HT 4-speed automatic with PTO

Transfer Case
Oshkosh single speed 1-1 with driver operated air locker.

411:1 ratio with driver operated air lockers.

445-65-R22.5 with anti-flat compound

Individual air chucks and lines located at each wheel. Engine mounted driver controlled 30 CFM water cooled compressor.
1" drive, 6" anvil head air wrench.

20,000 pound hydraulic with 300 feet of 1/2" cable.

two 6"x25' straps, two specialty tree protectors, three snatch blocks, four shackles & four 3"x12"x12" composite outrigger pads.

Tire Chains
one pair (rear) v-studded Construction

hydraulic, driver controlled.

Leather door panels and trim Windows
Insulated aluminum shutters on all windows, manual controlled from inside.
Side windows w/thermal sliders & inside screens.

stainless steel walls, ceiling, stove (marine,3 burner with oven, propane) & refrigerator/freezer (Sunfrost, 12 volt)
OTH microwave, roof vented
surface mounted HD stainless sink
12 volt water pump w/pressure tank, 1/2 micron water filtration, three stage.

Ceramic tile walls and ceiling, stainless steel inlays

HD rubber flooring

Propane on demand atmospherically vented water heater, auto start switched fan/vent

12 volt marine macerator toilet
Two drawer powder coated vanity with stainless surface mounted sink.

Ceramic tile walls and ceiling with stainless steel inlays.
Seven .25 gpm heads.

Propane heater, temperature controlled with fan & fiberglass floor.

8KW Kubota, skid mounted, three cylinder, water cooled, industrial, dual leg auto start/stop generator.

Alternator- 12 volt, 310 amp internal regulator
Inverter- four stage smart charge, 110 amp, 3000 watt Batteries-House 6x6 Volt deep cycle, start 2x12 Volt

Air Conditioner
Roof mounted HD 120 volt,
LED marker, tail and some interior
Reverse, HID and halogen
Roof, HID & halogen

Two four channel scanners, external surveillance w/motion activation
Digital front/rear/side cameras, 4"x6" rear image monitor
15" dash monitor

Roof mounted satellite system w/controller & modem
Satellite radio
CB radio
Moving map GPS

Diesel, forced air w/thermostat for the interior, dual water system dash mounted one passenger/driver.
Engine, diesel pre-heater w/timer/controller

Driver/passenger hydraulic suspension w/integrated four point harness' & adjustable backs & arm rests

Leaf spring front/rear with driver controlled air, dual shocks all around

All aluminum, 2,500 feet of aircraft grade adhesive, fifty gallons of Scorpion urethane pick up truck box liner coating.

Engine room, two rear side cabinets, two front side cabinets, two front bumper boxes, all locked.

Passenger front door, driver front door, passenger side vertical lift door w/elevator and roof hatch w/exterior lock.

Vehicle Dimensions
8'-4" wide plus folding mirrors -28' long -12'-1" tall Weight 17.5T

Construction Specifications
All aluminum body, 2"x2"x1/4" perimeter square tubing , 2"x2"x1/4" H studs/joists/rafters, on 12' centers, diagonal cross bracing.
roof laminated with 1/8" plate, sides 16 gauge, floors 5/8" t&g with lead lined sound attenuation
2" urethane sprayed walls. floor, doors & roof

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I'd wheel it, live in it, and drive it to college. :thumbup

you would hit a dead whore in a alley 10 days after she died in the middle of the summer. :goodfinge
Who wouldn't? Don't judge me. :brownbag

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i think i saw that on a rv show last night. supposedly it had decent offroad capabilities for an rv.

edit: was this in CA or WA?

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look at the pictures on the website, some of them are amazing. i kinda wanna build one of these things now, and travel the world in it for a few years..bronco in tow tho

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Over the weekend it was on the Travel Channel..Was pretty cool....There friend had another thing like this with a Studebaker on the roof...

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Post zombie apocalypse survival vehicle.

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I saw that on TV as well along with a bunch of other weird vehicles and I think they we're living in it as their house and traveling because the wife was sick.

Pretty wild ~ :thumbup
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