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Heck ya Trush, that definitely looks a lot more like it lol. That price is a bit outrageous, but since it's a bronco specific part, I doubt I'd find it anywhere else. Thanks for the help!

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Yo T,
Body Side and Roof Rear Garnish Mouldings, Bronco


ItemPart NumberDescription
1517C04Roof Trim Rear Moulding
229004Quarter Window Garnish Lower Front Moulding
3N8071545-SWPushpin (6 Req'd Each Side)
4N807372-SPushpin, Nylon (2 Req'd Each Side)
529010Quarter Rear Window Garnish Rear Moulding
629126Body Side Window Garnish Moulding Front Bracket
7N800486-S9Bolt and Washer
8N801157-S58Screw and Washer (2 Req'd Each Side, 1 Req'd Center)
9518B34Roof Trim Rear Moulding Joint Cover
1029070Body Side Window Garnish Moulding Bracket

Roof Headliner, Bronco


ItemPart NumberDescription
151944Roof Trim Panel
2383927-SDrive Pin (1 Req'd Each Side)
431012Quarter Trim Panel
529010Body Side Garnish Moulding
63598Front Body Pillar Inside Moulding
703606Windshield Garnish Moulding
8519C14Roof Trim Panel, Rear
913K706Rear Cargo Lamp
1013K707Rear Courtesy Lamp Lens
1102354Cowl Side Trim Panel Retainer (2 Req'd
FROM 1996 BRONCO WORKSHOP MANUAL @ 1996 Bronco/F-Series Workshop Manual
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