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Anyone near Memphis?

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I am new to the board, and was wondering if anyone was from or near Memphis, TN? I just traded my bagged & S-10 for a 1979 Bronco. Lemme know.
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Welcome to the board, there are a few people from Tn. and they should be along shortly to let you know if they live near....Anyway, whip up some pics of this sounds cool!:thumbup
Well unfortunately no I'm in the Knoxville area. However Steve-83 is from Memphis.
P.S. welcome to FSB:thumbup
I'm from Memphis but live in Olive Branch, MS. now. Welcome aboard! :thumbup
Is millington close enough? Steve83 and I go out now and thenlooking for trails....
Another Memphis area Bronco owner here....actually live in Southaven, MS but work in Memphis and am originally from Memphis.
Would love to see your truck!
I am in the begining stages of an in town move. We should all look at mid January for a face-to-face...
Sounds good to me.
Count us in too. :D Of course we'll be in the F150 since the Bronco won't be finished by then. :(
hey, im a memphis local also....ill tag along anytime anyone wants to go run some trails

[email protected]
HEY.....local people!!!!! Welcome aboard!! I lived in memphis for 33yrs and retired at 32 and moved to Ky. lake in northwest Tennessee. I'm in Memphis about 3-5 times a month,just for the hell of it. Hopefully I can hook up with everybody in Jan.. Let me know when and where. LONEWOLF
I'm in Lakeland, TN.
I gotta come right back through there on my way home (prolly next week-end) if anybody wants to hook up for a brew and some Bronco BS'n!!:beer
when ya' comming through?????????
Let us know when and what part of t own you will be cruising through and we should b e able to meet up!!
im up for grabbin a beer if ya come this way
Looks like it'll be Mon. or Tues. Which may limit a few of ya...:shrug Sorry, but for those that are close enough I'll make sure it's in the evening so it can be an after work kinda thing...:shrug
Welcome Tiny I am on the opposite end of the state. But glad to have ya. Get us some pics of that 79 rig ya got.
I was in olive branch last night,then through collierville,and on to sommerville where I picked up my new tires and rims.It was kinda' late.Got into byhayla at 10:15pm(got a ticket from cops),in collierville at 1:00am,and sommerville at 2:00am. That was a trip from
Hey Blaze - did we miss you as you came through town? (with the site being down it was hard to co-ordinate).
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