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Anyone near Memphis?

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I am new to the board, and was wondering if anyone was from or near Memphis, TN? I just traded my bagged & S-10 for a 1979 Bronco. Lemme know.
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We need some snow here so we can play!! ((hah riiiiighttt))) :cry
It just started here about 20min. ago! wooooohooooo!!
I and I just put new tires on
O.D.B. You say Lakeland?? I live in Eads. That is not too far from Lakeland. Hit me up some time and we'll go wheelin' as soon as I can get mine to start. :banghead

Something I forgot to mention.... just about ever Saturday night that it is not raining I have a bonfire at my place. I live in eastern shelby county (Eads). If anyone is up for it, you all can meet out here. We have plenty of wood to burn. My dad's side of the family lives here on the same street, and it is nice and open. No one to call the police, because our neighbors are family, and heck I even paid for the burning permit so I can legally burn tree limbs in our backyard. Ya'll hit me up if you're interested. E-mail me and I'll give ya my phone number.

will there be beer drankin?
Can you live south of the Mason Dixon and have a bonfire without drankin'?? :shrug
:beer BYOB of course!! :rockon
BLAZE!!!! Sounds like you need to come to TINY'S for a meet and greet!!
My brother lives in Sommerville.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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