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Anyone on the board around Mt. Gleason today?

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I was up around the Mt. Gleason area today and saw a nice Bronco and I could've sworn I saw a FSB sticker. It was a white '88 style. Anyone here?
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Where is Mt. Gleason??
About 9miles NE of Sylmar. You go up to it from either Big Tujunga or the backside from the 14 freeway. I was doing some work up there and saw the other Bronco. Not really four wheeling territory as I drove the whole 22 mile dirt road in 2wd, and it was muddy. They have several high clearance only roads but I don't know if it's really wheelin' territory.
Aww, I see.. Cool..

Just trying to find some more wheeling spots. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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