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Hello Team,

We wanted to take a moment and make you aware of some of the issues we have been encountering some of our sites over the past 24 hours. We're working to correct these issues and ask if you're still encountering them please clear your cookies and cache. This should correct the issue now that a patch has been deployed.

- Double-posts

- Content-encoding errors when browsing pages, across multiple browsers

- Attachment and attachment thumbnails broken

- Like function not working

- Edit function acting like delete

This issue was a result of Tapatalk's latest plug-in update. Tapatalk provides a forum-side plugin that their App uses to talk to this community. Tapatalk provided us a plugin update that they required all of their forum owners to install. We installed it yesterday, and shortly thereafter started getting complaints from multiple communities to our emergency contact addresses. We escalated the issue directly to their senior management late yesterday. The Tapatalk engineering team worked through the night, and provided us a patch to apply this morning. We have since applied to our sites, at 9:30am EST this morning.

We have the issue escalated to Winter, the Tapatalk CEO, and have asked him to find out what causes this to happen and to provide post-mortem on what happened and how he's going to prevent it from happening again. We apologize for the problems this issue caused, and if you are still seeing the issues above happening after 9:30am EST this morning, please reply to this thread, and our teams will jump in and have a look.

Thank you,

the Community Support Team
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