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Pornography, Firearms, Fireworks, Alcohol, Drugs, 'warez', Animals, and items of the like are STRICTLY PROHIBITED!!!

"For Sale" ads MUST contain the following REQUIRED details:

1) Accurate description of item(s).
2) Price(s) of Item(s) to be Sold. This includes parting out rigs. Every item needs a price regardless of how big or small it is.
3) Picture(s) of Item(s) to be Sold. This includes parting out rigs. Every item needs a picture regardless of how big or small it is. Pictures of multiple items laid out together are acceptable, as long as we can see the condition of the items being sold.
(if you need help with posting pictures, read THIS or feel free to contact a staff member. Ignorance is no excuse.)
4) Whether you will Ship, Deliver or if Pick Up is a must.
5) Location (City/State) or Country if outside of the USA.

Please note these additional rules when posting items for sale

1) Group buys or commercial sales are not permitted in this area, contact staff members for vendor information.
2) No auctions or contests
3) Pornography, firearms, alcohol, drugs, 'warez', animals, and items of the like are prohibited.
4) Don't type in all caps. (considered shouting online and very rude.)
5) If you find a post in violation, report it to the moderation staff. Do not take it upon yourself to confront the situation and escalate it past where it reasonably needs to go.
6) If you stole it, pirated it, found it, acquired it through shady regions, don't sell it here. We are not here to promote such garbage, nor will we allow it here.
7) You may only sell items that belong to you...not your friends....not your uncles....nobody else's but your own.
8) Flames or anything offensive will be dealt with immediately. You will not be given warning!
9) No ridiculous thread bumping. Once every 2 days maximum.
10) Due to the nature of sharing personal information over the open internet, we do not encourage posting personal phone numbers, but if you feel the need to do so... we will allow it but accept no responsibility for any problems, frustrations or other issues that may arise.

Additional Notes:

New Members with less than 75 posts CANNOT view or create new threads in FOR SALE section.

Posting links to Craigslist Ads is not an acceptable substitute for ANY or of the "Required Details". You may include a link with your ad if you'd like, in addition to posting the Required Details here, directly on FSB.

Please use the Trader Rating system to leave feedback on items that have sold (for seller & buyer)

Please combine F/S threads. If you have more than one item to sell, include them in the same thread, do not create multiple threads to sell multiple items if you are selling them all at the same time. Failure to do so will result in your threads being merged the first time, and then your thread being removed the second time.

If you are a brand new member, for the purpose of selling a single, or a few parts, we would encourage you to use eBay. If you are a new member, with a Bronco, wishing to sell parts, we invite you to introduce yourself in the Introduction forum, tell us about yourself, your Bronco, and get the know the rest of the group.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay.
FSB Staff
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