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Shane (Blaze) has run into some mechanical problems and is broke down in West Memphis. He is currently located at the Super 8 Motel (room 209) on Martin Luther King in West Memphis. He did not give me a phone number for us to reach him at.

He needs assistance from anyone in that vicinity in locating and obtaining parts to repair his rig with....

I'm sure there will be some :beer in it for ya :thumbup
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i can always lend a hand if hes still there pm me for my phone #
he had it towed to the local ford dealership about lunch time saturday and they diagnosed it as his alternator.. he should be back on the way to OK by now..

thanks anyway bro..that's that makes this site so great--everyone's so willing to help each other :thumbup
Oklahoma??? I just imported a woman from there... LOL... Know that trip well... a whole lot of NUFFIN from Memphis to OKC...
You aint shittin' there!!! Trees 'n weeds....:shrug
hey now, that's my country yer talkin about! :lowblow

besides, you come within half an hour of Poteau OK and Cass AR on that route... some great wheelin :chili:
no knock intended... just an observation... not much scenery in that stretch... wasn't referring to wheelin spots or the populus... just the geography...
:stupid yea we're just talking about the view from I-40 :shrug
yeah, i know, it sucks... i have to drive LR to Alma 5-10 times a year to/from school. once I hit I540 north to Fayetteville, though, it becomes beautiful mountain country in a hurry :thumbup
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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