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Girlfriend and I adopted an aussie cattle dog puppy a number of years back. Cute as the dickens, she got parvo and passed on. Such a sad event for such a cute and innocent little puppy to die.

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My ol' lady had an Aussie/Blue Heeler mix when we moved here. Most stubborn dog I've ever met and I'm a pit-bull lover... so I know from stubborn dogs. We had to put her down after we moved here but she lived a good, long life at 16 people years old.


Every time I look at this picture, I hear "In the arms of the angels... far away, from here..." in my head, like those abused animal commercials. She just had that look in her eyes and some of the softest fur I've ever felt but she could chew through a chain link fence like most dogs would go through a chicken bone. She was named Hailey but I called her Houdini because she couldn't be caged. She break out of a dog pen and go back to help free the other dog who was too stupid to follow her.

We've got a Picture of your Dog thread around here somewhere.

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I have an English shepherd, which is just like the Aussie but bicolord and with a tail...

Have worked with a lot of Aussies over my 28 year long career as a canine behaviorist. A very intense, intelligent breed that needs a job. I like working with them 馃憤 they haven't changed much since their foundation.

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We've got an aussie/st. bernard mix.
She's more aussie sized, & doesn't do the saint drool thing. We joke about her being an aussie with an extended wheelbase & wearing a st. bernard jacket.

She's got the weirdest tail stub. I've heard that a portion of aussies are born with just a stub & others have their tails cropped. Hers looks like a very short beaver tail. You can't see it for her coat, but when she wags, you see the stub working back & forth. But it's not a short tail wagging. The movement is happening under the skin, inside that beaver tail. Is that how some other aussie tails are, or is it a weird genetic thing from throwing saint into the mix?

We used to have a smooth coated border collie mix. They were funny together. They'd run back & forth, cheek to cheek, herding each other from front to back to front again. The dialogue I heard was "You're the sheep". "No you're the sheep". The bulldog mix would just lay there watching them run back & forth.

Sheila is the most difficult dog we've ever had. She had lived on the street before we got her. She was skin & bones & wouldn't get along with the 2 dogs. And of course if she growled & snarled they'd give it back. She'd try to bury her food with her bed to hide it for later. We tried all the "get to know each other" stuff that had always worked before. We finally bought 3 muzzles. Without teeth it was funny how sheepish they became. After a couple of weeks she realized that these dogs were her friends & that if she ate all the food these people would give her more.

Sheila's the only one left now. We're in a smaller place & getting more dogs doesn't seem like a good idea right now. But I keep looking at dogs. Usually Border Collies...

Sheila. Aussie/Saint

Koda. Smooth coated Border Collie mix

Daisy. Bulldog mix

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Aussie what? I've got a couple of Australian Kelpies.

New to posting here, but I've been a member for a long time. Before too much longer, I'm going to start a rebuild thread on my Dad's 1994 BKO XLT. I've had it since 2001. It's time for an update on it!
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