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Automatic to manual window conversion.

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What do you guys think of converting automatic windows to manual? I've just changed so many motors on my 90 that I am thinking about doing it.
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I've considered doing'll be a PITA though. You have to basically change everything but the glass out though. Your best bet would be to find a donor with everything you'd suck to piece it all together...
yep just pick up a door from a salvage yard or a private seller, itll be about the same as if you peiced it together, i did this on one of my 95s and im about to do it to my DD saturn
I'm gonna do that to my truck. With it being a 95, its too much of a pain in the ass to switch my doors over to my half doors, and I also never liked the reliability of power windows. I might just keep the passanger side power, and driver a manual.
I wish my windows automatically rolled up and down.... All I'd do is think they would roll down, and BAM! they're down.

How sweet would that be?
I swapped from manual to auto and then auto back to manual on my 86. Even used the parts from a 4th Gen. Tedious and kind of a pain in the ass, but I was WRENCIN'! Took at least a 30 pack each time.:beer

Did the power locks too. Still have them working.
I've got the original motors in both doors on my 1993. Both still work perfectly. :shrug

Nevermind that half of the regulator fell out of the tailgate yesterday. :toothless
i was thinking about doing this on my 95 eb too. are there any kits or anything.....doubt there is but it would be a good idea
I've done it, it's really not that big of a deal. PM me if you want instructions, Tech write-up to follow.
I'd just find some manual doors in the yard and take everything out for the swap. I like my power windows to much though, both of mine are still original (as I say that, one is going to **** up now) but I already have a spare set of window motors. Same for my 93 Camry.....I have to replace them about every other year so I keep a box full of them on hand that came from the yard (my sister has the same style, so I have replacements for hers too)
I bought the manual window regulators and handles from JBG.

Drill out the three rivets holding in the power window regulator, detach the cabling, slide the roller out of the window's track, and remove the whole shebang from the door.

Slide the roller of the manual window regulator into the window's track, align the three mounting holes of the manual regulator to the holes in your door (not the same holes as were used w/the power regulator, manual brace arm mounts at an angle), rivet or screw the new manual regulator in place (I used screws, nuts, washers, and blue Loctite I got from Home Depot), mount up you door panel, slide the handle on and screw into place.

LMC truck listed two peices that JGB didn't have, so I ordered them. One is a large spring that goes between the door panel and the door frame to stop flapping/vibrations, the other is a plastic washer that keeps the vinyl door panel from sticking to the back of the handle in the summer. I guess they're not must-haves, but I opted to spend the $4 for a set of each. The manual regulator's "brace arm" (the part that bolts to the door itself) mounts at an angle. The top of the brace arm is angled in the general direction of the door handles, with the bottom of the brace in the opposite corner from the door handles (I'll post picks in the tech write-up, basically around a 20* angle). You WILL need to source some manual door panels if you want it to look right. I picked up a set from an '86 F150 and use that "for plastic and vinyl" spraypaint to do them up in a shiny black. They look gooooood. :)

All in all, it took me about a solid hour per door. Having done it now, I could probably do both doors in one hour now. It really is that much of a non-issue. :beer
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PM Ghost Rider. He did it on his, I'm sure he'd tell you the in's & out's.
I've done it, it's really not that big of a deal. PM me if you want instructions, Tech write-up to follow.

Could you send instructions for a power to manual window conversion. I have a 94 bronco
@BankrollTilt , good on you for searching and finding this thread..I'll give you credit for that..unfortunately, that person hasn't been on the site in over 10 years, so not likely you're going to get a response..

I will say the swap is pretty straightforward, just keep in mind you're also going need the door skins because they're different for the manual windows. good luck.
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