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I broke my yoke on my 94 FF 10.25" axle. When i was inspecting i also felt that the pinion bearings were on there way out aswell the posi was tired. (I held a wheel and my buddy turned the other and my wheel barely tried to turn from my grasps.)

I have been thinking of replacing the warn out posi with a detroit locker. I have never rebuild a axle before. Im skeptical of doing it but also not willing to pay out $1200 on a shop doing it. i Know there are shims that set the pinion angle and the nut sets the preload. I havnt touched the axle yet but i have all the parts minus the locker. I tried checking the preload in/lb on the pinon nut but it turned so easly that the wrench didnt register the reading.

What am i in for when putting in a detroit locker and new pinon bearings/seal/nut/yoke. Pics, adivse help!

I need to it back on the road.
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