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Azusa Cyn 5-13 or 5-14

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Since you all know there is now mud. they pulled the plug for the dam's. I would like to go up but not alone. Anyone wanna go up with me? either day is cool with me.
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How far is it from 93117
:banghead :banghead :banghead not quite done with the sas yet....
i dont know how to check distance. Its off the 210 at Azusa. Near citys, pomona / san dimas / covina / glendora / monrovia
if i go it would most likely be sunday but not sure since its mothers day
Chris85xlt said:
130 miles
hmmmm, might be doable..
BroncoD said:
hmmmm, might be doable..
Not worth the drive, trust me.
meatbeater said:
Not worth the drive, trust me.

Kool thanks for the tip/$ savings haha
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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