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Driving Stuff Henry Built
*90xlt,351w,e4od,1356m*79,400,C6,205,19donors*73,400,np435,d20j twin
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Anyone familiar with the Quickdraw McGraw cartoon (Where the character El Kabong comes from) knows that Baba Looey was the brains of the operation. So in order to organize & add notes to these links, it seemed only appropriate that Looey would be in charge. :toothless

The list is by no means complete. These aren't necessarily the best links on any subject, just what has caught my eye over time. Some of them don't have conclusive information, but can add to a knowledge base. If you know of a good link that should be added, post it up here & I'll add it to the list.

Thanks to Habitual for checking all the links & providing a list of the ones that have gone wonky. They are being corrected or removed as needed. 1/9/2016

Tech -Post 1 & 2
Trails -Post 2
Site/Computer/Internet Info -Post 2
The Classics -Post 2


Accessories, Camping
1-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Tailgate tent pics & info in post 195. Updated (8/26/13) source link here.
2-plumbing jopes -Trail water heater.
3-Expo and Adventure Modding Reference Thread! JohnMcD348 -A ton of expedition, camping, storage, etc. mods.
4-Camping kitchen bonsai dave.

Air Filter & Snorkel
1-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM SSgtTEX -Snorkel pics & info in post 143.
2-VOTE For Aug.'07 FOTM OX1 -Roof snorkel & in-pipe filter pics & info in posts 100, 129 & 249.
3-got my K&N put in this weekend..(56K WARNING!) BigWil -K&N with pvc.
4-Air Box -Insulating air handling components for better mpg. -Ignore post 1 & follow Steve83's link & instructions in posts 3, 6 & on down for info & pics from many others.
5-Snorkel: '85, 302, EFI bronco boy -Installation of a "Safari Snorkel #SS395HF for the Land Rover Discovery II's" on an 85 Bronco.

1-Alignment Problem stan the man
2-Huge alignment issues. Need help! ToughXLT
3-Camber / Caster Bushing Adjustment Revenant -Info on adjustable Caster/Camber bushings.

1-3G alternator FACTS (its wins agian!) Fireguy50
2-bigger alternator? DezertBronco
3-3G Interchange Facts. If you're thinking 3G read here. Clarko -Charts, pics, wiring diagram, etc.
4-3g questions, yes I searched Ol' Blue 78 -Wiring questions for a 78.
5-Crazed 3G install (56k be very aware) Crazed -Installation pics & instructions. Splined & v-belt pulley info.

1-Better sound through more midranges Sixlitre
2-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 165 Hidden component compartment.
3-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 227 additional custom hidden speaker locations.

Axles, Lockers, Differentials (Also see: Suspension)
1-All About Lockers peteyg
2-What's the DIFF??? Steve83
3-Rear Axle Guide SquattyD
4-Front 3rd member and Dana 50 stub shaft install...(56k warning) Andy351
5-D50 inner upgrade wileec
6-Cheapest place on 8.8 install kit with Timkens?? OX1
7-Maybe Repost. JBG, TTB dana 44 upgraded outer axle. stomp13
8-Eaton E-Locker tear down & repair (56k go away) Dave's Bronc 90
9-tired of searching 10.25 question BoulderBronco
10-dana 44 carrier -Bearing & race numbers.
11-trac lok rebuild info needed where is it at? -Tony R gives pics & instructions in post 7.
12-How to swap Dana 44 4.56 TTB Gears to SAS D44?
14-Welding 8.8... opinions wanted hossman777
15-? about the d50 spring trick.. ToughXLT
16-9" Diff Better Than Dana 70/60/44/28? 78Project
17-Aussie Locker Experiences and Possible Problem Tommy R
18-new tube seals dana 44 DcSkater602
19-My Gear and Locker Install(pics) Tommy R
20-identifying axles!!! -jermil01 gives links to id axles in post 6.
21-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM Dave's Bronc 90 gives pics & info for the D50 stub shaft swap in post 183.
22-Drain plug install on TTB front axle Sixlitre
23-Dana 70 or Dana 60 Id lightnin -With info/pics from Larston, Shadofax & Steve83.
24-Tone ring replacment procedure Dave's Bronc 90 gives the procedure in post 4, Steve83's version is in post 7.
25-8.8 Yoke Flange Change to Flat Flange reptillikus gives instructions in post 2.
26- First time I'm exploring the depths of a COMPLETE 8.8 build (56k unfriendly) sackman9975 -8.8 rebuild with lots of pics & info.
27-GEARS!!, Please read before posting gear ?'s. Updated 11/11/03 godless
28-Axle door code chart for Broncos. MOUNTAINMAN
29-early 70's D60 vs late 80's Sterling 10.25 -Input from several members. (Link provided by 379sinvb)
30-Gear Ratio Calculator -Very cool calculator at Use the drop downs to choose trans, t-case & tire info for a side by side comparison of ratios, crawl & highway speeds/RPMs.

Battery / Starter / Cables
1-Battery Cable soldering Fireguy50
2-Fix your slow starter, get more horsepower! Nemean
3-Some usefull info about optima Batteries 1clean5.8
4-Ground cable replacement Fireguy50

Bearings, Wheel & Spindle
1-Wheel Bearings and Spindle Bearings Shane C.
2-wheel bearings and swap locking hubs publicjohncue
3-Wheel Bearings Tightness

1-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 220 & 222 for rusted body panel replacement. Links to his full write-up in post 222.
2-Serious '89 RESTO project....NEAR DONE PICS!! j. r. Nice
3-Rust Bullet and floor repair. bossind
4-Fender Cut & Roll (lots of pics) MajSuckelton
5-fiberglass body panels Fireguy50
6-half doors/ hinge pins for removable doors reptillikus
7-How much room between body panels? GreatWhiteBronc
8-Just got the Quarter panels off (need some suggestions) llanaro
9-where to get DECALS ??? ss396
10-My half doors triplesix
11-Hood Latch stuck..??! sackman9975 gives info throughout the thread.
12-chop, cut & rebuild BRONCONUT's rust removal & rebuild. Good pics.

1-Rear Discs on My 96 Bronco bossind
2-Braided Stainless Brake Lines 89MustangGX
3-f350 brake upgrade clarification... DcSkater602
4-f-350 Brake Upgrade Problems bmboll
5-Another F-350 Brake Upgrade Problem 78Moose
6-lights on dash that wont go away 89fordbronco Post 5 has Steve83's link for ABS codes.
7-T-Bird calipers on TTB Gacknar
8-brake upgrade help sincat23
9-Ok! Whats wrong with my brakes? TYZBRONCO79 -Checklist for a low or spongy brake pedal.
10-What $431.29 can do for your brakes.... BigWheelz
11-brake upgrade DasTeufelHund
12-I really need brake assistance BAD... >> Cobra Jet
13-T-Bird caliper swap Rockfrog
14-78-9 Brake upgeade write-up Crazed
15-Brake repair/restoration questions Gacknar
16-Sterling Disc brake Swap and related info plug ugly
17-1990 bronco rear wheel antilock brakes Steve83 gives links & info in posts 2 & 7, El Kabong gives the procedure to pull RABS codes in post 3.
18-So you wanna change your front brakes? stan the man

1-New Bumper Pics ToddACimer
2-Custom F/R bumper pics 80-96 derrick36 -Lots o' bumpers.
3-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM Dave's Bronc 90 -Heavy duty 4-1/2" rear tube bumper. Posts 325 & 327.
4-Rear Bumper Build GKR -Rear winch bumper with left swing tire, hi lift, & gas carrier
5-It Begins...(Rear Bumper) 56K Death Tommy R -Bumper with angled tire carrier.
6-Rear bumper rebuild for tire carrier triplesix -Left swing tire carrier with gas can, hi lift, & Dana 44 hub hinge (Hinge in post 21).
7-Rear Bumper Build waltman -Amazing custom bumper with tire carrier that swings down or out. Finished bumper in posts 156 & 168. Video of operation at bottom of post 112.
8-Lift your Rear Bumper to match a 3" body lift. Gacknar

Bumpers, Vendor
1-Bronco Air site. BoulderBronco (FSB Vendor) -Nice front & rear bumpers.
2-BRONCOAIR REAR BUMPER!!! BoulderBronco (FSB Vendor) -Detail pics before design revisions in post 107, Final design pics in Link 10 below.
3-BroncoAir Rear Bumper Final Design -See post 27.
4-BroncoAir Extreme Duty Winch Bumper (92-96) or BroncoAir Extreme Duty Winch Bumper (87-91)BoulderBronco (FSB Vendor) -BroncoAir site.
5-NEW BUMPER DESIGN! BoonDockBumpers (FSB Vendor)
6-87-96 Bumpers Hefty (FSB Vendor) -More nice bumpers.

Camping -See Accessories, Camping

CB & Ham Radios

FM/HAM Radios....aka Race radios Dustin
cobra 29 issues Late Model Man
"whips" or No "whips" 87BRONCO35

Codes, Computer (also see ECU)
1- How To Run a Self-Test Fireguy50 -Also click on the links at the bottom for code definitions.
2- Pulling EEC-IV codes Steve83
3- lights on dash that wont go away 89fordbronco Post 5 has Steve83's link for ABS codes.

Codes, Door sticker, VIN See VIN below.

Cooling System
Everything you never wanted to know about engine cooling Steve83
freeze plugs replacement Sixlitre, JKossarides, & others deal with replacing freeze plugs at the rear of the engine.

Bronco Technical Terms Revealed! Redmoon
4x4 Dictionary (4x4Power Apr-May00) Steve83 -On

1-Custom Extended Travel Drive Shafts ericautopart
2-Square Driveshaft thread... MUDDOG7375
3-where to buy spicer? jahwarrior1423
4-Ujoints? GunDude
5-rear driveshaft problem no thanksgiving -Part numbers, links, phone numbers.
6-Special Pricing Intro to FSB ericautopart
7-Front driveshaft upgrade Shadofax
8-Rear Driveshaft centering ball..heeeeeelp toxictv -Link in post 2.
9-How do I remove the centering ball from my double cardon? waltman -Links for pics throughout, & a link in post 10 for centering ball grease fitting.
10-Upgraded rear drive shaft ToddACimer
11-Any pics of the rear drivesshft? bossind -Driveshaft angles.
12-Driveshaft Length With Lengthened Wheelbase Tommy R
13-got some parts / waiting on others Fireguy50 -Drive shaft upgrades, Super duty driveshaft.
14-Driveline 101 site
15-Rear Drive shaft CV(cardan)joint rebuild 1clean5.8
16-Understanding Universal Joints & Size Charts Jim Oaks of The Ranger Station -Lots of info on U-joints including size charts & crossover numbers.
17-Measure Pinion Angle

1-EEC-IV ECU Failure now is a Common Problem due to Age! @GetBent4x4 provides good info on diagnosing & repairing our aging ECUs.

EFI (Also see Tune-up, Fuel)
1-Dielectric Grease Question silver70 -Miesk5 gives a link to "Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service and Modify" in post 14.

Eight Lug Swap
1-Dana 44 TTB 8-lug swap Dustball -Chevy parts to convert a TTB to 8 lug.
2-8 lug swap Crazed
3-8 Lug Swap bronco boy
4-8 lug outer swap for TTB .. different question Damager
5-Driveline 101 site

Electrical See Wiring

Engine (Also See: Tune up / Performance / Troubleshooting)
1-Rear Main Seal Change Write-up, What and What Not to do (56K...I wouldn't) TRUCKY18
2-93 in need of help at sackman's house (56k no way) sackman9975 -A walk through of several tests eventually determining that the engine is shot. Conclusion in post 23.
3-Guidance needed to replace 92' Timing Chain/Gear Set sackman9975 & Tony R talk 2bet through a timing chain swap.
4-Compression test blows jopes give a link in post 2 for diagnosing engine troubles with a vacuum gauge. Be sure to click on the green scenarios at the bottom of the link.
5-All fools who think 110lsa CAM in SD won't work, enter at your own risk.... -A hashing out of MAF vs Speed Density with engine mods. With good info from SigEpBlue, Gacknar, Jopes, magnumpi, & others. Ignore the OP.
6-differences in years for the 5.8l motor Info throughout, year by year breakdown by Seattle FSB in post 9.
7-Ford V8 engine I.D. Handy_andy_cv64 provided the link explaining the differences in this thread.

Freeze plugs see -Cooling System


1-Bassani "X" pipe for 80-96 Bronco. (pics) Gacknar
2-3" mandrel bent tailpipe CHEAP ! Sixlitre
4-Exhaust Rebuild - Y-Pipe on back 90Beater -Slick above the frame exit before the wheels.
5-My homemade Ypipe. s1120
6-Running new exhaust Snowman_87 -Answers & pics from Gacknar, Sixlitre, Need4racin, & others.
7-The Bassani Y Pipe Price Thread Need4racin
8-Just ordered Bassani Y and Hi-Flow Cat Bonzai Pics & hi flow cat for Ca smog.
9-Hoo-ray! I killed the dreaded drone! BRBuzz151
10-Definitive 3" Single Exhaust system 1996 302 fastpat
11-Bassani header source Source links from GTRider245 & Fireguy50
12-TRUE Dual Exhaust (Gacknar look here!) broncodude26 -Duals vs 3"
13-CA Legal Exhaust Upgrades Brokend
14-smog question california Evan III -1 cat in CA.
15-3" Exhaust for the Bronco bossind Looks like a dead site. I'll leave the link here for awhile in case it is a temporary issue.
16-Bassani Y/Headers & Maremont 3" INSTALLED! (w/pic hotness) SuperKram
17-New Exhaust System for Broncos in CA

Electric Fan install. 1989 460 EFI kf4amu
Electric Fan Comparison Chart brock
Electric fan set up. 96broncoman -Electric fan with curved puke & washer tanks.

1-No start help needed -RLKBOB & Steve83 give info on swapping to a Bosch relay in posts 6 & 7.
2-Starting problem
3-Electrical issue i believe
4-Fuel Pump Access Steve83 shows where to cut the floor for easy access to replace the in tank pump.
5-EFI Fuel Pump Steve83's fuel pump pics & info. Click on the 1st pic for a large diagram that shows how to jumper to trigger the fuel pump relay on 87 to 95 trucks.
6-injecters not firing... Injector unsticking from Steve83 in post 4.
7-Fuel Injector Cleaning Fireguy50
8-Ford Bronco Gas Tanks Zenseeker/ZenBronco's site -Info on 33 & 45 gal tanks, connections/pumps for multiple tanks, & pumps & clips.
9-Fuel Level Sender Repair Steve83 -Pics & captions show cleaning the sender.
10-Fuel pump under drivers door BroncoJoe19 gives operational & testing info in posts 3, 5, 6 & others.
11-Holley Carbs

Factory tach install in truck using no ignition computer? daverbmxer
Gauge Install (pics) Tommy R
gas guage Steve83 gives diagrams & info related to testing sending units.
Useless gauges! -Defective sender codes in post 8.
What's a PSOM & how do I "P" it??? Steve83 -Resetting speedo input for tire/gear changes on 92 & up Broncos.

Hubs, General Info
1-How do I know if automatic hubs are working properly? Gacknar gives the auto hub test in post 2. Remember to block the wheels. This would work for testing manual hubs too, just lock them 1st.
2-Warn Hub Premium Assembly Bossind -Exploded view of Warn premiums.
3-Warn Instruction Sheet PDF -Warn instructions for removing assorted types of auto hubs & installing manual hubs. Includes exploded diagrams. Link provided by miesk5.

Hubs, Manual Replacement
4-Warn Premium Install Andy351 -Manual to manual swap.

Hubs, 5 Bolt Autos to Manuals
5-Auto to Manual Hub Conversion Writeup 90Beater's site.
(These 3 threads appear to be the same auto to manual write-up, but the rest of the info is also useful.)
6-Manual Hub Swap JD_Bronco
7-Changing Auto hubs to Warn Manual Hub complete instructions with pics godless
8-Install Warn manual hubs MyFullSize The link in post 1 is gone, but the info still applies.

Hubs, 3 Bolt Autos to Manuals
9- 3-Bolt Auto hub conversion Froggmann's site. (This site appears to be gone as of 4/12/14. The Wayback machine has the text without the pics here)
10-3 screw auto to manual hub conversion ScottMoore
11-warn hubs -Junkyard parts instead of a conversion kit.
12-Hectic Hub Install stan the man -Specifics on the conversion kit, & which nuts & rings to use.

Hubs, Top Hat (87 to Early 88 Manual Hubs Only)
13-New Hub install Question Steve83 explains options in posts 2 & 5.
14-Knuckle out conversion manual locking hubs B-man's Supermotors pics & info on swapping top hats to Warn premiums.
15-88 flange mount hubs Steve83's link to an exploded view in post 14.

Ignition Actuator / Switch
See: Steering, Column & Ignition Actuator

1-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 165 Hidden storage compartment.
2-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 206 Carpet cleaning.
3-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 226 Interior lights. -Post 227 Extra speaker locations. -Post 230 Door panel resto.
4-Pre-90 Floor Repair under Captain's Chair Steve83
5-F-250 Seat Swap Joes93Bronco
6-Official Seat Thread: Let's talk seats & seat covers --> Cobra Jet
7-How Do I Sound Deaden Headliner?
8-I broke my dashboard mount..... Late Model Man -With several links throughout & Late Model Man's "How To" pics & instructions in post 20.
9-Child Seat Restraints Goose (Link provided by Destructive Mechanic)
10-"bitch bars", "oh sh!t handles" or whatever you wanna call 'em... need one. BikerPepe` -Good thread with more links & info on grab handles throughout.
11-Can you put a car seat in a bronco? miesk5 provides info in posts 2 & 4, plus input from others throughout.

12- installing GM rearview mirror w/ temp, compass and autodimming installing GM rearview mirror w/ temp, compass and... Kingfish999

Also see Tie Downs below

Lifts (Also See Suspension)
2-Attn TTB Lift Owners; Need Measurement Revenant -Measurements of beam drop brackets.
3-best brand name................ -Lift preferences.
4-rear leaf sring USMCBRONCO6672
5-super lift or sky jacker? -Input on brands of lifts & radius arms. BDS, Procomp, Rancho, Rough country Skyjacker, Superlift.
6-Rear shackle drop vs flip?
7-shackle flip people...lets talk shackle angle DcSkater602
8-Let's See Custom TTB Setups Tommy R
9-The GOD of leaf SAS thread TTBlows
10-Progressive Rate Coils Bronco Dan -Springs & droop.
11-Camberg front end lift rcracerx
12-DIY: Add-A-Leaf and Zero Rate Install (56k get a real connection) Tommy R
13-Dick Cepek Extended Radius Arms Gacknar -Discussion about Dick Cepek & various radius arm & manufacturers. (Link provided by FordXFord)
14-Dick Cepek extended radius arms masterguns2003 -More on radius arms with prices & sources. (Link provided by FordXFord)
15-New style Flip Kit....... Dan Fredrickson / Ruffstuff (FSB Vendor) Shackle flip that uses external style shackles. Pics in post 52.

1-How to install/Wire Lights stang
2-Auxiliary Backup (reverse) lighting question. Gacknar
3-light kit blair77 -Tailight & Amber Lense source.
4-Ebay "snappylights" off road lights hossman777 -Source
5-directions for cleaning lenses datrimm
6-Headlight assmebly on 1994 Bronco sackman9975, Froggmann & others describe different methods for removing headlights & other grille area components on newer Broncos (92-96?).

Manuals, Catalogs, TSBs
Ford Video on Modifications & Maintenance Steve83
BRONCO CATALOGS You Should Get.... Mels 80-96
Chilton Manual; partial, scanned for 66-81 miesk5
The Old Car Manual Project miesk5 "Provides free digital versions of service and repair manuals, dealer brochures, pics, etc. for vintage vehicles". -Links to contribute materials as well.
Shop manuals miesk5 provides links in post 2, including Helm Inc-Your Source for Factory Authorized Service Information "Helm is Ford's Official Tech Doc source now".

too late?? E4OD burger213
Ok this is getting old, E4OD dropping out of gear. Torvald
Wet MLPS? willjones4
MLP Sensor adjustment Info from miesk5 in posts 6 & 8.

On Board Air, welder, & other goodies
1-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM Dave's Bronc 90 gives on board air pics & info in post 174.
2-York installation waltman
3-stock on board air w/ tank, plus tiedowns flamedfordbronco
4-Using stock AC unit for air compressor dblue351
5-On Board Air - York Serpentine Pulley/Clutch chebbykiller

6-duel alternators/onboard welder flamedfordbronco -On board welder.

7-plumbing jopes -On board water heater.

Links continued in Post 2 below

Additional keywords: ba ba baaba louey louis luey lewis bas ba's baba's louey's louis' louis's luey's

Driving Stuff Henry Built
*90xlt,351w,e4od,1356m*79,400,C6,205,19donors*73,400,np435,d20j twin
9,509 Posts
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Part Sources

3-Ultimate fabrication Suppliers thread Swat
4-FSB Vendor Forum
5-FSB Bronco and Ford Parts/Accessories
6-BRONCO CATALOGS YOU SHOULD HAVE... Mels -1978-79 thread.
7-BRONCO CATALOGS You Should Get.... Mels -1980-96 thread.
8-Whats a GOOD website for parts? -Several links for sources throughout.
9-Website for odd clips, nuts,and bolts Daves 88' -Several links to multiple websites from several members throughout the thread.

1-carbs suck on the rocks gary78bronco

Radiator -See Cooling System


1-VEHICLE RECOVERY Damager -Links in posts 1, 6, 12, & 13.
2-Using Kinetic Straps A Must View! bossind -The original video appears to be gone. I believe this is the updated version. Apparently youtube embedding is automatic now. Sure goofs up a list.
3-Front End Tow Hook Installation Froggmann's site is gone, but the Wayback Machine has the text with a few of the original pics.
4-97-03 F-150 Factory Tow Hook install on an 88 Bronco. Clarko -Late in the thread they cover installation on accordion style frames as well.
5-getting ready to install front recovery points spaustin889
6-Tow points ta1001 -Very clean shackle installation using "1 x 1½ bar stock with (2) ½-13 tapped holes and a hole for the shackle".
7-Army/Air Force Field Manual 21-305 -Vehicle recovery starts on page 155. Field expedients begins on page 160. (Link provided by Steve83) Includes some pretty creative solutions for tough situations.
8-And a video emphasizing the importance of proper recovery points & the need to pull in the direction that the wheels actually roll.
See Trail Equipment/Fixes below.

Roll Cage
1-the roll cage thread Andy351
2-Visor solution for rollcage owners Dustin
3-S&W Racecars Rollcage Kit - 1984 Bronco Justshootme84 -10 point roll cage mounted to the frame with bushings.
4-Bronco Bob -FSB cages start halfway down the roll cage page.
5-Bendin' Tube 101 By Rob Park on Pirate 4x4
"How to" article recommended by @cstrike during his cage build in the 2018 FOTY thread.
Seats -See Interior


1-need shocks! loose cannon
2-Broken front shock mount

Skid Plates
1-Boat sides and Oil Pan/Tranny Skid for the Carcass Swat

1-Ultimate Rock Slider thread plug ugly Some of the early pics seem to be gone, but further into the thread there are more.
2-Rock Sliders, Foot Step 90Beater -Plans in post 48. "90Beater Style" sliders.
3-Sliders yikesbb -Very cool, opening sliders.
4-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM Dave's Bronc 90 -Sliders vs Nerf Bars. See posts 265 & 299.

See Air Filter & Snorkel above.

Steering -Box, Stops & Linkage
1-Steering Box Preload Adjustment Steve83
2-Steering Box Rebuild reptillikus
3-Loose steering box. Gacknar
4-Steering gearbox reseal (56k NO) bigric
5-CHANGING OUT BOTTOM SEALS IN STEERING GEAR BOX sackman9975 describes how to change the seal without removing the box from the truck in post 5.
6-Tapping Steering Gear Box for Hydraulic Assist Lines (PICS) Bronkzilla
7-Tires rubbing on Radius Arms Gacknar gives info on adjusting steering stops in post 17.
8-D44 TTB Tie Rod End (TRE) flip landshark99 Raises steering linkage to prevent bending.

Steering -Column & Ignition Actuator
1-Steering shaft u-joint Audra
2-actuator help broncrog -Info from Sixlitre & Steve 83. Also info about the top secret tilt column.
3-Ignition Actuator Replacement on an '85 w/tilt (not 56k friendly) bronco boy's thorough breakdown of tearing down the steering column to replace a broken actuator.
4-Clock Spring Removal and Installation mashori
5-Borgeson steering shaft tigertrack
6-Pulling steering column, tilt, on a 90? how to? 90Bronco33s
7-Ignition lock cylinder rekeying amtarsha -How to make your old key work in a new cylinder.
8-Steering column teardown and ignition actuator replacement in a 1995 (92+ Columns) KC200787 (Link provided by KC200787)

Steering -Fluid Bleeding
1-Power Steering Problems! Big Mike C. -Bleeding instructions by Steve83 in post 11.
2-Power steering - HELP! -Bleeding air from a 79. Ignore the instructions in post 1. Traveler gives the routine for 78-79s in post 3.
3-West Coast Broncos bleeding procedure -Intended for a "4x4x2" box that is based on a 78-79 box. Instructions located in the "Startup and Testing" section near the bottom of the page. Sounds like a fool proof method for the difficult 78-79 FSBs as well.

Steering -Loose
1-Steering wheel looseness Stealth -Info from Steve83 throughout.
2-Death Wobble from tire runout? Swat

Steering -Saginaw Swap & Pumps
1-saginaw swap. plug ugly
2-Install Completed!! Saginaw Powersteering Pump Rebuild Not 56K!! jermil01
3-saginaw pumps bossind -With pics of pumps & brackets.
4-Saginaw Pump II by Boss. bossind
5-All info i know about the saginaw swap and the pumps. BadassBronco
6-100% bolt-up saginaw pump Ditch Baby (nascarfreak88) -More part numbers in posts 223 & 226 (Page 12), & step by step info by foxbravo in post 235.
7-Saginaw P/S Reservoir -Remote reservoir source.
8-Saginaw Pump - With OBA... Question? Dave's Bronc 90 gives the part number for a GM remote resevoir sag pump that fits the Ford van bracket in post 11.

Steering -Wheel
1-Grant Steering Wheel Installation Keep Your OEM Speed Control Too! Anthracis show how to install a Grant wheel while keeping cruise control.

Suspension -TTB & SAS (Also See Lifts)
2-Balljoint Writeup - 95 Bronco stang
3-1990 ball joint replacement Iolaus
4-"Death Wobble" Front End Rebuild musky1011 -Pics & info on replacing a bunch of front end parts, including radius arms & ttb pivot bushings.
5-Rear Spring Mount Replacement Sousa632 -But don't use cinder blocks. :doh0715:
6-Suspension Knock KC200787 With info from Steve83
7-soft coils -Coil spring info & sources.
8-TTB pivot bushing won't stay in the beam Fireguy50
9-Desert suspension 101 PWMTN
10-Solid Axle Swapage - FoxBravo Edition foxbravo "300+ pictures and a write up on every process of the build. Lots of prep led to a 5 day drivable install."
11-Softer Spring for TTB? Swat
12-Dave's Bronc 90 SAS @Dave's Bronc 90 -Detailed Solid Axle Swap. Great resource used by many as the guide for the swap.

Tailgate & Tailgate Window
1- 80-96 TailGate Wiring Info Fireguy50 -Wiring diagram see post 2. Great color diagram, it makes it much easier to understand what's going on.
Edit -It looks like the original diagram pics are gone, but the thread has other info so I'll leave that link. Steve83 saved a copy of Ryan's "TailGate Wiring Info" diagram here. Thanks again Steve. :thumbup
2-Steve83's Tailgate Tech Steve83 -Great pics & info. Look through the entire section for the portion that applies to your problem.
3-adrianspeeder's pics adrianspeeder -He's doing torque pins for a passenger window, for the tailgate you don't need to drill.
4-Power Window Problems -Torque pins, motors, etc.
5-Another rear window question -In post 4 collinsperformance shows DIY torque pins.
6-Common Replies to FAQs Window troubleshooting & testing info, resource links, & a list of symptoms with their probable causes in post 3.
7-Rear Window Problem '90 Bronco bigric gives a link in post 3 with instructions for removing the glass & homemade replacements for pins, El Kabong gives instructions to jumper the window to open it, & some window testing info in post 5.
8-How to align a Bronco Tailgate Steve83 -It looks like the info is gone from the 1st post, but its still there at FourdoorBronco: Bronco Tailgate Alignment
Today FourDoorBronco is down. Hopefully it will be back soon, but here's the Wayback Machine version in the meantime: Bronco Tailgate Alignment
9-Re-wire your Tailgate window switch (FINISHED) Fireguy50 -Upgrade diagram using relays.
10-tailgate repair -Tailgate shell & lower skin sources.
11-Tailgate tip Do not do this! jphill -Safety Warning. Post 10 shows a trick to undo the torsion bar.
12-Tailgates Mikes79Bronco -Write up on switching all the internals from one tailgate shell to another.
13-Who says you cant put a pick up tailgate on a Bronco?? MUDDOG7375
14-Tailgate Moisture Barrier Need4racin
15-will 92-96 tire rack fit on 87-91 tail gate? ruthless69
16-1985 Tailgate Window Roller Replacement spikedzombies
17-Tailgate switch in the back bossind adds a 3rd tailgate switch inside. Steve83's link to his 3rd switch wiring diagram is in post 9.
18-Tailgate Debate bossind -Info provided by Ranger429 on what it takes to swap tailgates between years in post 2 (Original source is Mike M (MRM) at his old per meisk5).
19-78 & 79 Tailgate WIndow Wiring Diagram miesk5 provides a diagram for 78-79s by the ORC Staff at in post 3
20-78 & 79 Tailgate service manual pics Ranger429
21-Window Motor Repair - steel ball method Zen-Dragon shows how to replace the breakable plastic torque pins with steel ball bearings.
22-Rewiring to add a relay & methods for smoother operation @jowens1126 -Lots of good info to improve operation in post 3.
23-Tailgate latch release issues & repairs @BikerPepe`-Post 16. Clear photos & info on repairing or disabling the open window tailgate latch release.
24- rear window switch replacement / upgrade! 87-91 Dash switch replacement alternatives. Post 1 from @Dan90FSB & post 7 from @sackman9975
25- Tailgate interchange @robbz28 sorts out installing an 80-82 tailgate in an 83-86

Tech Resources 1-Tech Info links - check here first plug ugly -Lots of good links.
2-[URL='']Steve83's Supermotors
Steve83 -Look through the album for pics & info for almost anything Bronco related.
3-RJM Injection Tech Fireguy50 Ryan's original site is gone, but some of the info is on that link. And end user saved the info & has shared it here. This one appears to be complete.
4-My Bronco Fireguy50
5-Dead link
6-Froggmann's Big Bronco Page Froggmann -His site is gone. Currently looking for an archived version. Miesk5 -Tons of good links from all over, very well organized. Original link is gone. The Wayback Machine has some of it here.
8-Expo and Adventure Modding Reference Thread! JohnMcD348 -A ton of expedition, camping, storage, etc. mods.

Tie Downs
1-Got my removable tie-downs... Iolaus -Look to the end of the thread for updated source links.
2-Cargo tie down for the go fast stuff TCM GLX

2-What are your favorite tires....why? VoltsAndBolts
3-Drug Smuggling 101- AKA Bead Balancing TiresAndy351 -Using plastic BBs to balance tires.
4-Tires rubbing on Radius Arms Gacknar gives info on adjusting steering stops in post 17.
5-Gear Ratio Calculator -Very cool calculator at Enter trans, t-case & tire info for a side by side comparison of ratios, crawl & highway speeds/RPMs. Tire Size Calculator (older version) -Adjust tire sizes until the calculator matches your original & new tire diameters to see the speed differences.
7-Tire Date? miesk5 explains tire date codes in post 2.

Tools, Tricks, Tips, Techniques
1-How to double-flare brake lines Justshootme84
2-How to Remove a Broken Bolt Stud using a Mig Welder - By Boss. bossind
3-Spark plug sockets Fireguy50
4-electrolytic rust removal - the right way drkhrs925
5-Vinegar for removing rust and cleaning parts. Abbott
6-proper way to PACK WHEEL BEARINGS MikE2
7-"How To" use a multimeter. Bronco Rob
8-tool vendors jopes
9-How to make your own gaskets psychlopath
10-Disposal cleaning 101 MikE2

1-Top removal 101 Sixlitre
2-Topper Structure bronco boy
3-Easy Top Removal 90Beater
4-Hoist for Hard Top -Lots of variations.

Tow Loops/hooks
See Recovery above

1-Ultimate Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Thread Xris
2-Can a bad TPS (or out of spec TPS) cause funky things to occur? Need help Cobra Jet
3-Need help with TPS! new convert -TPS info from Gacknar & Fireguy50
4-Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Fireguy50 -TPS. -Appears to be gone. Looking for an archived version.
5-Throttle position sensor code 63 JKossarides gives more info on 2 types of TPS in post 3.
6-Throttle Position Sensor Testing, Replacement and Adjustment Seattle FSB

Trail Equipment/Fixes
1-REQUIRED TRAIL EQUIPMENT (az guys listen up) Dustin
2-Trail Fixes 101 Hefty
See Recovery above.

Trailer Wiring
1-Help with wiring in a trailer plug in... Info & links from several throughout.
2-Trailer wiring harness? Wolfchant Pic of connectors under the Bronco with more info from Joes93Bronco & miesk5 in posts 3 & 5.
3-What does this plug go to? Steve83 answers in post 4.
4- Adding a 7 blade trailer tow package to a 96. Aaron91RS.

Transfer Case
1-Electric 4wheel low wiring (specifically neutral switch) kf4amu -Post 16 has the link to test electric shift transfer cases.
2-'96 Bronco Stuck in 4LO kf4amu describes manually shifting the electric t-case with pliers in post 2 as well as providing the electric t-case diagnosis link.
3-Electric 1356 motor fix bigric
4-Transfer case linkage grommets -Linkage & bushing numbers.
5-1356 Tcase refresh n swap (not 56k easy) Shadofax
6-Borg warner 1356 transfer case rebuild kits Agily00
7-B/W 1356 Manual Transfer case rebuild jermil01
8-4x4 not working???? In post 6 kf4amu gives the shift control module location.
9-What is the transfer case pattern on the 79 Bronco 79F150 Shows the differences between NP203 & NP205 t-cases & shift patterns in posts 9 & 11.
10-The Shiftster-1's.... RickyB -FSB Vendor -Knob to convert an electric shift t-case to a manual knob mounted directly on the t-case. A quick trail fix for a multitude of issues.
11-Issues with BW 13-56 transfer case jermil01 Part 2 after 10 years.

1-Bronco Tranny and T-Case Info adrianspeeder
2-E4OD Diagnosis Thread stang
3-Trans Filter, Cooler & THERMOSTAT install Fireguy50
4-VOTE For Sept.'07 FOTM Sixlitre -Post 173 Trans filter.
5-Removal, Rebuilding, and Installation of a Ford C6 Transmission - Pictorial Reference Audra
6-Speedo-gears Fireguy50
7-Mercon V NYC4X4
8-What aftermarket E4OD pan do you have? Need4racin -Trans pan drain plugs too.
9-help removing e4od solenoid pack sgroer & others.
10-DIY: E4OD Torque Converter Manual Lockup Tommy R
11-ZF Behind 400M??
12-weird shifting with my AOD ( I searched)12- -Troubleshooting links from miesk5 in post 2.
13-More transmission cooler questions Dave's Bronc 90
14-C6 transmission rebuild bluebronco1966
15-Another place to mount the Transmission filter California Monkey
16-I killed the AOD (updated with new trans pics) Fireguy50 -Swaps an AOD to a 4R70W.
17-E4OD - Klune - 13-56 vs Np205 kuss
18-AOD filter change with pics Sixlitre
19-E4OD transmission fluid and filter change sewiv

Tune up / Performance / Troubleshooting
1-ignition upgrade and timing bump (no 56K) sewiv's tech write up on the "Sixlitre tune up". Lots of ignition related info.
2-How to properly set the timing on a 302 or 351 sackman9975 Clear instructions & pics on correctly installing a distributor & avoid being 180* out.
3-How to adjust idle speed (official Ford procedure) Steve83
4-Repairing Spark Plug Wire Ends Steve83
5-How to Sea Foam Xris -Be sure to read the instuctions, don't follow the pics.
6-tach jumping, engine bucking 94 muddy bronco
7-NEED help with bronco (bone stock) broncodude26 -Includes MPG tips & links from Need4racin
8-94-95 cusp firing order issue Steve83 gives the spark plug wire routing diagram & firing orders in post 2.
9-Intermittent miss on 351W SigEpBlue gives troubleshooting procedures starting in post 2 & on down.
10-Electrical Questions theramsey3 gives the Distributor Mount TFI Module Test, PIP Test, & Coil Test in post 19 as well as info throughout the thread.
11-Stupid me? (Idle Adjustment Info) In post 14 Seattle FSB gives instructions on adjusting the idle, even after making the mistake of turning the throttle set screw.
12-How to Test and Clean your IAC Seattle FSB gives the "How To" for the IAC (Idle Air Controller) with good pics. (Link provided by c-dub)
13-Throttle Position Sensor Testing, Replacement and Adjustment Seattle FSB tells hot to test & replace the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) with good pics.
14-30 Minute Ignition System Test for Remote Mounted TFI Bronco Seth.Gatewood

1-need help fast....have no clue what the thing is called.... ronco93 gives a link to vacuum diagrams in post 9. Use the 1st link & follow ronco93's instructions to the correct section.
2-Replace Plastic Vacuum Hoses with Rubber Booba5185

1 - High Speed Vibration - At a Loss -In depth thread on vibration issues. @Want2BS8ed goes thru an extensive search for an elusive vibration. @miesk5 gives a link to the NVH app for pinpointing the source of vibrations in post 150.

VIN, Vehicle ID Number
1-Please Help De-Coding Door Sticker StarGate2112
2-VIN and Door Sticker Decoder Steve83 gives the link for the sticker breakdown in post 3. Audra provides code definitions in post 7, & there's axle codes in post 10.
3-Is the ford vin decoder wrong? spikedzombies -Link to the decoder in post 1.
4-Build sheet miesk5 gives links & a phone number in post 2. UPDATE: Meisk5 gives new info here in post 15 of this thread.
5-How to tell what's what -In post 8 miesk5 gives several links for identifying components that may have been swapped.
6-Axle door code chart for Broncos. MOUNTAINMAN

1-Facelift for the ole WARN 8274 redbeast9
2-synthetic winch cable opinions bossind
3-Winch Install writeup, caution 56k Shadofax
4-Boss's Winch Install. bossind
5-VOTE For Oct. '06 FOTM Dave's Bronc 90 -8274 winch mount for a good approach angle. "you could almost call it a winch stinger".
6-Which Warn model is this? rcrider Warn 8274 vs Warn Bellvue winches.
7-melted my synthetic winch line jackhart
8-Adding a winch have some questions OX1, Dberk & others cover 2nd battery & alternator info.

1-Power Windows for '78-'79 chebbykiller Power regulators from an 85 into a 78.
2-Sliding glass windows??? Info on sliding side windows & seals for the hard top. Read the whole thread, especially Posts 51 & 63. Some of the early info has changed.
3-Side window sliders - Aftermarket j. r. Nice
4-adrianspeeder's pics adrianspeeder -He's doing torque pins for a passenger window, & shows where to drill for easy removal.
5-Power Window Motor Replacement stang -Good step by step photos & instructions. Note that the 5/8 socket mentioned is too large, I think it should be 5/16 instead. I'll confirm next time I'm in there.
6-Power Window Problems -Torque pins, motors, etc. "Help" part number in post 14.
Tailgate window -See the Tailgate section above.

1-Windshield Wiper Probs Wiper switch info.
2-"Intermittent" wipers... More wiper switch info. Don't know about the silicone though...

1-This is for Steve or GHOSTRIDER -Relay mounting/wiring ideas.
2-key on 12 volt terminal block imlikeojnow Includes easy to follow wiring diagram.
3-Fuse Box Layout miesk5 gives a link for a free, on-line Owner's Guide file from Ford in post 4.
4-1978 FUSE BOX DIAGRAM highhorse78 & MIL1ION provide fuse box diagrams in posts 3 & 7.
5-1990 5.8L Fuse Diagram El Kabong provides a fuse box diagram info in post 4.
6-New EFI Diagrams from Fireguy50 -Diagrams in posts 1, 3, & 8.
7-Dielectric Grease Question silver70 Dielectric vs electrical grease & related items.
Tailgate wiring -See the Tailgate section above.
Trailer towing wiring - See Trailer wiring above.
8-Removing Pins from Connectors @Chris Czaja gives a good video on releasing connector pins for re-pinning plugs in post 2.


Trail Maps Steve83 -Canada Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Dixie Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Midwest Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Mountain States Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Northeast Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Pacific Northwest Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -Southwest Chapter Trails.
Trail Maps Steve83 -West Coast Chapter Trails. -Enter the state & county for a list of local trails. -Looks like this one is gone. I'll leave it for a little bit to see if it is restored before pulling the link.

Lunch time at Last Chance Canyon Toy Keeper -Near Red Rock canyon, So Cal.
Panamint Mountains Ziggy -So Cal, Trona/Ballarat area. New & old time pics. Directions post 64.
3N34 Dishpan is reopened Tony R -Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear, So Cal.
San Bernardino National Forest Tony R pointed this out. So Cal.

Trails In The Southeast... Mels -Southeast.

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