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Back Glass Upper Run Weather Stripping

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I ordered some weather stripping for the upper run of the back glass for both of my Broncos, as it's rotten and broken on both of them, resulting in water leaks. I ordered some from National Parts Depot, but upon inspecting the package, it says it's weather stripping for 78-79s. Will this stuff work on a 92-96?

This is the stuff I got - item AA on Page 133

"Weatherstrip, Top rear window, upper and side."

Is it the same stuff for the 92-96s? My gut says no, but I don't want to take it out of the packaging to check. :doh0715:

Should I have instead ordered this stuff on the next page, Pg 134?

"Weatherstrip, roof rear side, LH & RH" ?
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i bought my rubber from and it was an exact fit no issues at all.
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