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ive had this problem for awhile now. i live in vegas in 100+ heat and my Bronco began to stall at high temperatures but would restart once cool. i replaced the ignition coil with a performance MSG coil. i changed the rail side fuel pump, fuel filter. changed throttle position sensor,o2 sensor,and even my fuel pressure regulator. my cap, rotor, plugs and wires are all new and i started it up after each relacement and it actually seems to have gotten much worse gradually. what the hell?? it pings and backfires so bad that i think i have a fat exhaust leak around the manifold now just from going around the block. also new problem. ive checked every hose and vaccuum line i can see. nothing visualy out of place. 88 302 i am clueless and no i havent ran codes yet, been waiting on meter to be returned by friend for days now :( and my new fuel pump whines very loudly even worse then when the old one was about to go out.
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