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i noticed my truck was idling a bit wierd when id be stopped at a light, so i figured it might be a bad spark plug, and did a tune up.
i go to start it up after im done, and the idle is crazy!
i get a smooth idle at 1200rpm, any lower, and the whole thing shakes like a b*tch!

i started my troubleshooting at the plugs and wires.
-the plugs are gapped to .45, and the wires are brand new.
-i replaced the cap and rotor.

when it idles at 700rpm (with me on the gas pedal), it had a real strong gas smell coming from the drivers side/engine area. if i take my foot off the gas, it dies!
-i checked the fuel lines
-i checked the pumps
-i checked all electrical connections (just cus you never know)
-i replaced my fuel filter

now, after the the new filter, itll run on its own, but its still REALLY rough.
im going to clean out the IAC and see if that does anything, but i think i got some bad gas.
when i was changing the filter, gas from the line was running out, and it smelled kinda fishy (literally- it smelled like fish). it was deffinatly not your normal gasoline smell...
so- im think either water in the tank, or a clog somewhere in the rail or injecters.
any suggestions?
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