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Bad signs when working on Bronco (pics inside)

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Okay, tell me what you think of these pics... There will be more to come sometime.

The 10th draining of my radaitor in two days, and this is what is still coming out:

My old skid plate:

and, My Tailgate:

Coming soon: "What I found when I took off the rotors"
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Nice tag, you put a radiator flush into it, or just filling with water and emptying it. That shows it was not taken care of and checked on a regular basis. Hopefully the rotors will look better for ya.
Good luck with it, a crayfish is a first :shocked
All car dealerships with service centers have a coolant tank, if you stop by and ask to leave yours they should not have a problem.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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