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I don’t know if these images are OK as many do not represent my Bronco in action. Rather, they give you an idea of where it has been and why it has been rigged in the manner presented:

Here is a map of all the destinations my rig has taken me with too many camps to list by name. Suffice, the red is my route and the green dots are my typical camp locations.

Baja 1000 Trail w/4" washboard. This one is good for 80 miles:

Here are a few camp shots:

View points we treck past:[IMG]


Various activities. Note our rigs treck in all equipment:

Racing a huricane north:

Equipment failure:

The Disco in this photo was the biggest POS I have ever seen. Baja ripped it and the owners boat trailer up. He sold it two weeks after we returned.

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