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BajaBronco13's new addition to the stable

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I found this Bronco on ebay. I waited until the last 20 seconds of the auction and still got outbidded. I had spent the last few days before the end of the auction corresponding with the seller. As luck would have it the winning bidder was a flake and seller contacted me. The truck was delivered to me in the OC from Hesperia today. Nice that I didn't have to make that 200 mile round trip.

I'm really happy with this new Bronco. It's a 1995 XLT all blacked just like my current Bronco. The only difference is that my daily driver has tan interior and this new rig has grey which is one of the reasons why I purchased this ride.

Here are a few stats:
5.8 with 79,000 original miles
One owner
vehicle is in awesome condition, check it out.

Future Plans:
Mount my Solo Motorsports gear (radius arms and beams) I was saving for my Class 3 build. Deavers and Solo shackles.

Limo tint all the way around. Have the entire truck detailed.

Oh by the way, the seller knocked down the price by $500.00 if he could keep his wheels. He sent the truck with a nice set of rusty rollies, lol.

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Not bad Chris.

got a fleet of these now don't ya.
Hey Randy,

Yes they are, see pic below. Crappy pic but you get the idea:

Just a thought running in my head. Wondering if a TRE flip would be beneficial to the steering? Maybe 6 of one, half dozen of the other???
I suppose a johnny joint style end would be more ideal?
Your thoughts?
I only am asking here as I once again am trying to get more serious to building my rig again this winter. I have more time now that I'm not working a 8-6 job. Time to sell it or finish this project.
I think the swing set would be the better option than the TRE flip.
I'll probably "borrow" your photo and ask in other circles if you don't mind me doing so...
1 - 3 of 182 Posts
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