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Like all other offroad trips I was bored so me and a couple friends cruised up to Barbour Fork in my truck. It was a great run on a beautiful day. This trail was a little harder then some I've been on, but it didn't give me any problems.

So 90 degree day we cruised up to Idaho Springs, CO just outside of Central City. I took Oh my god road and Russel gulch road (amazing scenery through an old mining ghost town) but unfortunately I only got a couple pics and none of the truck, there's always next time.

We soon made our way to the real trail after heading back to town to gas up.

The trailhead starts as a mile long dirt road until you get into the forest and start the 9 mile loop. the trees do make the run a little narrow for a fullsize.

Once in the loop you start the slow climb up filled with hills and quite a few rocky areas.

Past that you'll find a large group of trees and enter a clearing in the forest. There are a couple camp sites and some amazing scenery of the surrounding mountains.

Soon, you'll find yourself back into the woods and the going starts to get rough with steep hills and rocks.

At the top it levels out a bit and I had to stop do to some overheating issues. My overflow was boiling and steaming but I only had to stop the one time (and I was prepared w/ extra water just incase). While waiting to cool down we did mount my rebel flag to the back (not sure why, just bored and wanted to) :rebelflag.

Back on the trail with some flex.

A little easier on the descent back down the trail.

I couldn't pass up a photo op with my baby.

Soon we got too the worst part of the trail. It's nothing but a steep hill with huge divets and rocks, this is why I brought a spotter.

Going down this I had the truck on 3 wheels. Yes, that back pass. side tire is a good foot or so off the ground.

but with good spotting and driving I got it down fine.

Looking up at that hill (pics do no justice)

Where my front tire sat while on 3 wheels (about a 2 foot ditch maybe more)

From there the trail goes back to the moderate dirt road and takes you out.
In all I gotta say it was a lot of fun and one of the best trails I've been on.
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