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Hey I am Clifford From Vancouver Island BC, I currently reside in Neah Bay Washington.
I have two 4x4 rigs
A 96 Ford Explorer
A 87 Ford Bronco Full size...

I have been in love with Broncos every since I lived in this remote area that takes 8 hrs of rough terrain A little ol' place called Kluskus, It used to be only 2 ways in, That is either by 4x4 or helicopter. Winter locals use Snow mobiles. That is where I got my 4x4 fetish. This was when I was around 14, I am now 27 and have owned 2 Full Size Broncos. If the road wasn't cut off by logging roads:barf I would highly recommend going there.:goodfinge. But Yeah enough of me, my F/S Bronco was made in 1987 and built with a 4.9L Straight 6. it carries a 4 speed and rolls on 32 inch wild country rubber and stock suspension. Rubs but that's only for now. I have future plans to rig it up to help reopen the Alexander McKenzie Trail to Kluskus one day.:beer
Thanks for reading , may be I can talk to some yalls about 4xing
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