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for a c6... i wanna know what you guys think

my bronco has 3:55s with 33s and when the aod worked !:drinkbud i would cruise around with crappy power at like 1500 goin 65 and always upshift too soon

now i used a calculator online and with a c6 with same gears etc, it says my rpms will sit at 2200 every one here dont seem to like no od but hell 2200 sounds perfect:rockon

but befoer i mke my decision based on some calculator... i wanna hear from u gys with the same stock setup.

btw my aod only has 1-2 due to converter dampner failure, but aroundtown it nicee wo the annoying upshfts... and i havent noticed the gas costs the last two weeks i just avoid openroad ;)

i can also get a t18 with a granny first out of an 80, ithink its mechanical and itd prob have lotsa go with a manual....
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