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Hello, I have a 95. I was changing out my dash pad and had the glove box out when I noticed what looked like 2 threaded holes where something might have mounted to. They were on the right half side. Anyone know what they would be for?

2-78 bronco,s-I is a ranger xlt and one is a custom-It has original 4 speed and I put a 390 in it
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Try and post a picture and you,ll probably get a answer.

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Yo Troy,
By Ford in 96 Bronco Workshop Manual shows #39 Rear Brake Anti-Lock Module (F-150, F-250, F-350 Only) behind glove box area.

#38 is your Wiper Control Module

ItemPart NumberDescription
1To Headlamp Switch
2To Fuse Box
314A282Retainer Assembly
5Connector (Part of 12A581)
6Connector (Part of 14A504)
713A506Locator, Position in Hole Provided
8To Park Signal Lamp Switch
9To Multi-Function Switch
10To Stoplight Switch
11Clip (Part of 14401)
12E4OD Pigtail (Part of 14401)
13To Ignition Switch and Steering Column Wiring
14To 14405
15To Starter Switch Clutch Interlock
16Take-Out to Shift on the Fly Switch and Electric Defrost Switch (Part of 14401)
17To Warning Buzzer Chime
18Remote Keyless Entry Programming Connector
1915K602Remote Keyless Entry Module
20Air Bag Module
2114A163Retainer Assembly
22To Trailer Brake Controller
24Vacuum Hose Clip (Part of Vacuum Harness)
25Ashtray Wiring (Part of 13726)
2615A044Cigar Lighter
27PSOM Test Circuit (Part of 14401)
28To Bowden Cable
2918813Radio Antenna
30Brake Anti-Lock Module Test Circuit (Part of 14401)
31To 14630
32To 14B095
33To 18A586
34To Right Courtesy Lamp Switch
35To Inertia Switch
3614463To Ground
37To Clearance Lamp F-Series Only for Continuation
38Wiper Control Module
392C018Rear Brake Anti-Lock Module (F-150, F-250, F-350 Only)
40To Glove Box Lamp
41To Heater Mode Switch
42To A/C Illumination
43To A/C Blower Switch
44To Power Point
45To Radio
4618B849Premium Sound Amplifier
4714B166Shift on the Fly Switch
48To 14A262 Electric Defrost (Bronco Only)
4914401Wiring Assembly
50To Cluster (Plug A)
52To Cluster (Plug B)
5404320Instrument Panel
559A050Dual Fuel Tank Switch (F-Series Only)
5614529Rear Window Control Switch (Bronco Only)
57Demister Hose
58To Glove Box Lamp

In your 95;
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