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95 Bronco, 351W, E4OD, 4.56 gears, 35x12.50x15 Patagonia MTs.
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Thats partly because lockers in general are more dangerous in the snow and rain. The open differential is safest in the slick stuff. Thats why its standard equipment on passenger vehicles. Well and its cheaper. The open design allows any excess torque to move to the wheel with less traction, generally keeping you from spinning out.

Like tires, there is no perfect choice that is optimal in every single situation. You'll always have to compromise somewhere.
The locker doesn't bother me, it's the understeer bias that is the problem, which is why I said it would be fine with the same front and rear, or an open up front. Currently the front locks mid corner and the truck understeers badly, this wouldn't be an issue if the rear also locked up at the same time.

I'm a major performance geek, everything I own should be neutral or oversteer.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts