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Best muffler options ?

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So i just finished doing some work on the truck and i got an idea, its super expansive to get the entire catalytic converter with the down pipe, but i was thinking of chopping the old muffler and putting maybe a magnaflow ?

Give me your opinions and advice ! heres a video of the one it has now

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I dont think that is factory. Never had one sound that good.

I like Borla mufflers, as well as the Delta Flow flowmasters.
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I had a Delta 50 with a 3" tailpipe on my last 5.0 and it sounded good. Not loud, but no drone either.
Exactly why i always recommend the DF50. Mild idle, radical at WOT, and no drone, even cruising at 3000 rpms down the highway.

Here is a clip of me breaking in the cam on my 300 I6. Long tube headers, custom 2.5 into 3" scavenger y-pipe, 3" magnaflow spun metallicat, and a borla XR1 oval race muffler. Full 3" tailpipe. For a street vehicle, the XR1 is very loud. The ProXs is a better road muffler.

Is it up and running?
No, thats from 2 years ago. Im still trying to get my shop organized. I can actually see some floor now!
Love the borla responses, ive also got a borla XS on mine. Idle and relaxed driving is pretty quiet, punch it and it sounds amazing.

I've got a friend that puts flowmaster on everything. Even though I like their sound, I knew I had to go with something different
Borlas are great. And tough. I cut the rusted muffler and tailpipe off my 08 F350 and put a ProXs on. Well it fell off going down my driveway and I ran over it. Found it that night, beat the inlet back to round and clamped it on better. Still good as new. I wondered why it was so loud that day!

My driveshaft on the 94 twisted in half one day (totally my fault) and beat the living hell out of both flowmasters. Never broke through and they kept right on muffling.
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That f350 is going to look good on 37s
Its on 35s!
The super 44 is loud. Sounds better than the 40 series though.

If you can get flowmasters, seriously consider the 50 series Deltaflow. Its nearly as gnarly at wide open throttle but a bit more refined sounding. And no snap crackle pop on deceleration. And a touch milder in town.
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really? ill look into it!
if not 40 series works for me?
Really. Ive had the 40 series on both a 351w and a 300. Super 44 I had on a 460. DF50 I have on a 351w. It sounds the best of all of em.

To me, the 40 series mufflers are obnoxious and raspy. They kind of have that teenage voice changing thing where parts of the tone are deep and parts are higher and annoying.

The 50 series DF is more suited to a truck owned by an adult and driven every day.
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