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Best Rebuild kit ? (transmission)

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So im going to soon see about rebuilding my trans, sending it out to do it but i need to give them the parts to do it.
Whats the best kit that doesnt break the bank? cause i could just get the bottom of the barrel one but i want a decent one for the money.

Or atleast any brands i should look into? thanks :)
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Is the '92 an AOD or E4OD?
Oh, and you may want to fix that spelling in your signature. "Eddie Bauer"
Get a new $40 transmission oil pan that comes with a drain plug (or weld a plug into your pan):

Get the Punisher valve body for lots of fixes and better performance:

Ask the Punisher seller for his recommendation on a good rebuild kit to work with his valve body. He used to rebuild these tranny's so he'll know what to suggest.

Nice article on beefing up the E4OD during rebuild:
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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