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Bezel Retaining Clip Repair

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While replacing my rear window switch, I accidently broke all three retaining clips off the top part of the bezel. I tried glue at first, but thought it would just break again the next time I took off the bezel.

After you retrieve the clips from the dash, pull the remaining plastic from the clip

The clip has small hook that keeps the clip from seperating. These need to be nipped off, so a screwdriver can be used later. I used needle nose pliers and the hooks broke off rather easily. There is one on each side, you can barely see it in this picture.

The clip can now seperate and a screw can be placed like so.

Another view, you can see how the screwdriver fits. In my case, i was using torx headed screws, because they were what fit the best and it's what was laying around the toolbox.

Try to keep the clip in this position, becuse that how they came from the factory, at least thats the position they were in when I retrieved them from the dash.

Finished product. For three clips, took less than 20 minutes.

Hope this helps someone, I searched and couldn't find anything helpful.
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Cool-- as you know, I need to do this. Now I can forget about screwing around with the various epoxies I had laying around to try. Thanks for the write up.
So easy!

Snapped 2 of mine off when changing my rear window switch too. This was quick and worked. :thumbup Thank You!
nice job!
Two Thumbs Up on this post.
Pretty ingenious and I would have never thought of this myself in a million years.
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