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Hi, i had exactly the same problem with my body mounts and ended up buying frame savers from Bronco g/yard. I also ended up buying a complete body mount hard ware set from there as well ouch! It would`nt have been so bad if i had`nt already rushed ahead earlier and sent off for a set of energy suspension bushes and so ended up with two sets of bushes!!:duh The frame savers worked out well for me but i don`t think my chassis was quite as rotten as yours but I found it easy enough to weld up,it`s good thick steal.I do however have a body that`s worse than yours of which i have no option but to weld up being as i live in the UK. Getting any repair panels over here works out so dear so when every body was talking about just getting another "tub" I was nearly crying:cry. Good luck with yours and remember there`s always someone dafter than you!!! Cheers:beer
1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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