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Go to sears Tons of crap cheap

here is a list of stuff that is going to be marked down for the friday after thanksgiving be sure to wake up early for these sick ass deals

Sears many cheap tools that day, besure to get there EARLY

? Fiesta Grill (SKU:16503) $99.99
? Talking Digital Air Gauge (SKU:23005) $9.99
Companion 119pc auto repair tool set (SKU:30119) $29.99
Companion 34pc Homeowner Tool Set (SKU:30534) $9.99
Companion 89pc tool set with cart (SKU:33993) $119.99
Craftsman 1/2hp garage door opener (SKU:53985) $159.99
Craftsman 10.8v drill (SKU:11346) $29.99
Craftsman 10in compound miter saw (SKU:24360) $99.99
Craftsman 10in compound miter saw + Laser Trac (SKU:21253) $199
Craftsman 10in table saw + dust collection (SKU:24883) $199
Craftsman 112pc mechanics tool set (SKU:33122) $79.99
Craftsman 12gal wet/dry vac (SKU:17939) $69.99
Craftsman 12pc Set (SKU:47046/7) $29.99
Craftsman 12pc Socket Set (SKU:34745/6) $9.99
Craftsman 14.4v Drill (SKU:11424) $44.99
Craftsman 14pc nut driver set (SKU:34552) $19.99
Craftsman 14pc screwdriver set (SKU:47154) $9.99
Craftsman 15.6v Drill + Worklight (SKU:11463) $79.99
Craftsman 150 PSI air Compressor (SKU:16725) $199.99
Craftsman 16gl wet/dry vac (SKU:17766) $79.99
Craftsman 16in variable speed scroll saw (SKU:21610) $119.99
Craftsman 173pc mechanics tool set (SKU:34173) $99.99
Craftsman 18in gas chain saw (SKU:36018) $159.99
Craftsman 18pc screwdriver set (SKU:41816) $19.99
Craftsman 18pc socket accessory set (SKU:34551) $19.99
Craftsman 18v Drill kit + Worklight + 2 batteries (SKU:11461) $79.99
Craftsman 2.25 ton compact floor jack with stands (SKU:50138) $?
Craftsman 23in tool box (SKU:65433) $19.99
Craftsman 248pc Mechanic's Tool Set (SKU:34248) $149.99
Craftsman 24pc screwdriver set (SKU:41819) $29.99
Craftsman 250/500w Worklight with Tripod (SKU:73931) $9.99
Craftsman 25cc gas blower/vac (SKU:79718) $99.99
Craftsman 26pc wrench set (SKU:46935/6) $49.99
Craftsman 2gal oil lub compressor (SKU:15210) $119.99
Craftsman 2gal wet/dry vac (SKU:17716) $29.99
Craftsman 3 chest tool center (SKU:59708/9/710) $399.95
Craftsman 3 ton jack with accessories (SKU:50185) $99.99
Craftsman 3 Tool Chests (SKU:65604/5/130) $279.95
Craftsman 30gal air compressor + tools (SKU:16555) $299.99
Craftsman 33gal horizontal air compressor + tools (SKU:16556) $299.99
Craftsman 3-drawer chest (SKU:65337) $29.99
Craftsman 3pc adjustable wrench set (SKU:44664) $19.99
Craftsman 3pc hex key set (SKU:46705) $19.99
Craftsman 3pc pry bar set (SKU:43278) $29.99
Craftsman 4 drawer project center (SKU:59490) $109.88
Craftsman 4-drawer workbench (SKU:59831) $99.99
Craftsman 4in right angle grinder (SKU:11502) $29.99
Craftsman 4pc plier set (SKU:45395) $19.99
Craftsman 54-pc fast change driving set (SKU:26393) $12.49
Craftsman 5-drawer tool center (SKU:59788) $79.99
Craftsman 5pc pliers set (SKU:45419) $29.99
Craftsman 60pc Mechanic's Tool Set (SKU:34060) $29.99
Craftsman 60-pc Mechanic's tool set (SKU:34060) $29.99
Craftsman 6in Bench Grinder (SKU:24123) $69
Craftsman 7.25in circular saw (SKU:10852) $39.99
Craftsman 7pc ratching wrench set (SKU:42442/3) $59.99
Craftsman 85pc speed-lok set (SKU:26185) $69.99
Craftsman 8Amp Reciprocating saw (SKU:17173) $59.99
Craftsman 96pc mechanics tool set (SKU:33596) $79.99
Craftsman 9in band saw (SKU:21413) $119.99
Craftsman 9in benchtop drill press (SKU:21909) $88
Craftsman 9pc socket accessory set with bonus teardrop ratchet (SKU:34553/4) $9.99
Craftsman 9pc wrench set (SKU:47044/5) $19.99
Craftsman All-in-One Cutting Tool (SKU:17253) $29.99
Craftsman All-in-One Cutting Tool (SKU:17254) $79.99
Craftsman belt sander (SKU:11726) $59.99
Craftsman circular saw + laser trac (SKU:10860) $69.99
Craftsman clean 'n carry gas pressure washer (SKU:75200) $229.99
Craftsman cord reel with worklight (SKU:73915) $9.99
Craftsman corner Sander (SKU:11624) $19.99
Craftsman electric blower (SKU:79934) $29.99
Craftsman GTO II (SKU:59407) $?
Craftsman jigsaw (SKU:17241) $39.99
Craftsman Kneepads (SKU:40639) $19.99
Craftsman laser trac (SKU:48247) $39.99
Craftsman Motorcycle jack (SKU:50190) $99.99
Craftsman multi meter (SKU:82141) $9.99
Craftsman one-handed bar clamp (SKU:31484) $9.99
Craftsman rotary tool kit (SKU:61122) $59.99
Craftsman Sander ($20MIR) (SKU:21536) $99.99
Craftsman strap wench (SKU:45570) $9.99
Craftsman Stud Finder (SKU:49032) $9.99
Craftsman (SKU:11462) $99.99
Craftsman Pro 4pc mini Pliers (SKU:45675) $9.99
Craftsman Pro accu-cut (SKU:37310) $19.99
Craftsman Pro Router table + bits (SKU:26611) $88
ex 19.2v drill+circular saw + worklight + 2 batteries (SKU:11436) $149.99
GearWrench 8pc Wrench set (SKU:33001/2) $49.99
New Drill Doctor 300 (SKU:25797) $84.99
suncast gold organizer (SKU:59521) $59.99
Tradesman 10in bench top table saw (SKU:23203) $79.99
Tradesman 10in miter saw (SKU:23223) $88
Refrigerators (0% to Jan 2005 over $399)
fridgaire 25 cu ft Refrigerator + crushed Ice + water Filtration (SKU:33812) $829.99
fridgaire 7.2 cu ft Chest Freezer (SKU:?) $?
Kenmore 18 cu ft Refrigerator + Ice Maker (SKU:73842) $469.88
Kenmore 21 cu ft Refrigerator + Ice Maker (SKU:73152) $469.88
Kenmore 5.0 cu ft Freezer (SKU:24501) $169.99
Kenmore Refrigerator + Water filtration + ice maker (SKU:54512) $749.88
Whirlpool Refrigerator (SKU:83802) $469.99
Washer/Dryer (0% to Jan 2005 over $399)
Kenmore Elite King Size Capacity Plus Washer (SKU:44832) $999.99
Kenmore Elite Super Capacity Dryer (SKU:84532) $299.99
Kenmore Super Capacity Plus washer (SKU:24712) $329.99
Kenmore XL capacity dryer (SKU:64602) $279.99
Kenmore XL capacity washer (SKU:44102) $599.99
Kenmore XL Driver (SKU:83042) $399.99
Maytag Oversized Capacity Washer (SKU:48842) $369.99
Maytag Oversized Washer (SKU:38642) $399.99
Whirlpool Super Capacity washer (SKU:31452) $288.88
Whirlpool XL capacity dryer (SKU:40442) $249.99
Vacuum Cleaners (0% to Jan 2005 over $399)
Euro-Pro Ultra Shark Cordless Sweeper (SKU:49965) $59.99
Euro-Pro Ultra Shark Super Silent (SKU:49981) $49.99
Hoover Fold Away Bagless Vacuum (SKU:33846) $99.99
Hoover SteamVac (SKU:84818) $189.99
Hoover Upright Vacuum (SKU:33802) $69.99
Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum (SKU:33879) $199.99
Kenmore 12 Amp upright vacuum (SKU:33078) $39.99
Kenmore 9.5 Amp Baglass Vacuum (SKU:23083) $39.99
Kenmore Bagless Vacuum (SKU:33720) $59.99
Kenmore Canister Vacuum (SKU:23513) $249.99
Dishwashers (0% to Jan 05 or $35MIR over $399)
Bosch Dishwasher (SKU:18259) $549.99
GE stove hood microwave (SKU:73619) $269.88
Kenmore Compactor (SKU:13605) $349.88
Kenmore Dishwasher (SKU:16121) $188
Kenmore stove hood microwave (SKU:62629) $249.99
Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher (SKU:16522) $269.99
Kenmore Ultrawash Dishwasher (SKU:17352) $349.99
kitchenAid Dishwasher (SKU:19723) $599.99
Maytag Dishwasher (SKU:19452) $399.99
Whirlpool Dishwasher (SKU:19242) $399.99
Cookers (0% to Jun 04 on Gas Grills over $249)
GE Electric Range (SKU:62581) $399.99
Kenmore Electric Range (SKU:91112) $269.99
Kenmore Gas Range (SKU:74221) $399.99
Kenmore Premium Gas Grill + Side Burner (SKU:15225) $199.99
Kenmore Premium Gas Grill + Side Burner (SKU:15337) $599.99
Kenmore Radiant Range (SKU:94421) $449.99
Kenmore Radiant Range (SKU:95142) $579.99
Whirlpool Gas Range (SKU:65352) $519.99
Fitness (0% to May 2004 over $299)
NordicTrack C1900 Treadmill (SKU:29407) $799.99
NordicTrack Elliptical (SKU:28154) $599.99
Proform 520x Treadmill (SKU:29405) $599.99
Weider Crossbow Home Gym (SKU:15396) $599.99
Weider Weight Bench Combo + weights (SKU:15034) $79.99
Weslo 310CS cycle (SKU:28310) $74.99
Weslo Cadence 70E Treadmill (SKU:29302) $279.99
Leisure (0% to May 04 on Pool/Game Tables over $249)
Harvard Polar air-powered hockey table (SKU:25096) $99.99
Harvard Silver Cup 10-in-1 game table (SKU:25032) $89.99
Harvard Victory 10-in-1 game table (SKU:25034) $199.99
Helex Dart board electronic (SKU:12267) $49.99
Mizerak Chatsworth 8ft pool table (SKU:25145/100) $599.99
Mizerak Dynasty Pool table (SKU:25170) $199.99
Mizerak Slate bed 8ft pool table (SKU:25145/101) $999.99
Top-Spin PingPong Table (SKU:26332) $169.99
Camcorders (0% to Jan 05 on Camcorder over $299 Fri Only)
Canon Mini-DV Camcorder (SKU:58543) $499.99
Hitachi DVD Camcorder (SKU:58483) $899.99
Panasonic VHS-C Camcorder (SKU:58623) $299.99
Samsung Hi-8 Camcorder (SKU:58723) $199.99
Sony HandyCam DVD (SKU:59083) $899.99
Sony Hi-8 Camcorder (SKU:82951) $299.99
Cameras (Free bag for cameras over $69)
Camera Rebel 2000 SLR (SKU:51025) $269.99
Canon 5mp Digital Camera - 3xOptical, 4xDigital (SKU:53404) $499.99
Fuji 3.1mp Digital Camera - 10x Optical (SKU:53808) $399.99
HP 3.1mp Digital Camera/Printer (SKU:53616) $199.99
Kodak 5mp Digital Camera - 3xOptical, 3.3x Digital (SKU:53211) $299.99
Kodak Easy Share docking Cradle (SKU:53202) $79.99
Pentax 35mm 3.7x zoom ($20MIR) (SKU:51626) $129.99
Pentax 35mm 3x zoom ($10MIR) (SKU:51624) $79.99
Samsung 35mm 1.2x zoom (SKU:51729) $49.99
Sony 3.2mp Digital Camera - 2x optical, 3.2x Digital ($20MIR) (SKU:53025) $229.99
Craftsman Shop Phone (SKU:27413) $79.99
Panasonic 2.4Ghz Phone + Voicemail ($30MIR) (SKU:29503) $69.99
Southwestern Bell 2.4Ghz Phone + VoiceMail + Speakerphone (SKU:29373) $39.99
Southwestern Bell GMRS Radio Pair (SKU:36353) $69.99
Uniden 2.4Ghz Phone + 2nd Handset + Voicemail (SKU:29792) $119.99
V-Tech 2.4Ghz Phone (SKU:27883) $29.99
HP Desktop (Celeron2.5+256Mb+40Gb+DVD/CDRW) (SKU:84513) $799.99
HP Laptop (Celeron2.4+256Mb+30Gb+DVD/CDRW) + PSC2175 ($150MIR) (SKU:84903) $1099.99
HP PS7660 PhotoSmart Printer (SKU:84043) $149.99
PS2 Game Jak & Daxter 2 (SKU:94412) $49.99
PS2 Game NCAA Final Four 2004 (SKU:94462) $49.99
PS2 Game Ratchet & Clank II (SKU:94481) $49.99
Sony PS2 (SKU:93020) $199.99
DVD / VCR Players
Apex DVD (SKU:57123) $27.99
Apex DVD(+RW) Recorder (SKU:57193) $299.99
Disney Portable DVD Player (SKU:23171) $249.99
Koss DVD (SKU:57143) $49.99
Panasonic DVD (SKU:57304) $79.99
Panasonic DVD(-R/Ram) Recorder (SKU:) $449.99
Philips DVD(+RW) Recorder (SKU:57963) $499.99
Samsung DVD/VCR (SKU:57053) $149.99
Sansui DVD/VCR (SKU:57103) $399.98
Sansui VCR (SKU:55111) $28.99
Sony DVD (SKU:57403) $99.99
Sony DVD/VCR (SKU:57463) $179.99
TV (0% to Jan 2005 on TV over $499. DVD Player with any Projection TV)
Sony 32in Wega TV (SKU:42652) $699.99
Hitachi 50in WideScreen LCD Projection HDTV Monitor (SKU:54759) $3299.99
Hitachi 46in Widescreen HDTV (SKU:54713) $1429.99
Panasonic 20in TV (SKU:49513) $139.99
Philips 27in TV (SKU:47333) $239.99
Philips 27in TV/DVD (SKU:44373) $499.99
Samsung 26in Widescreen HDTV (SKU:45063) $599.99
Sony 32in Wega TV + Home Theatre System (SKU:42652+98153) $949.98
Sony 41in Wide Screen HDTV (SKU:54623) $1799.99
Superscan 19in TV+DVD+VCR ($20MIR) (SKU:44723) $199.99
Sylvania 13in TV/VCR (SKU:44702) $89.99
Sylvania 32in TV (SKU:42202) $269.99
Sylvania 19in TV (SKU:49203) $77.99
Sylvania 13in TV ($10MIR) (SKU:43203) $49.99
Techview 15in LCD TV ($50MIR) (SKU:71263) $299.99
Toshiba 32in TV (SKU:42413) $399.99
Toshiba 36in TV (SKU:46423) $499.99
American Idol CD Karaoke (SKU:22862) $99.99
Bose 3-2-1 DVD Home Theater system (SKU:98521) $899.99
Classic MP3 Player ($20MIR) (SKU:23958) $49.99
Classic CD Boom Box ($10MIR) (SKU:22230) $14.99
GPX Undercounter CD Player/Clock/Radio (SKU:24000) $34.99
GPX DVD Home Theater system (SKU:98033) $99.99
GPX Portable CD Player ($10MIR) (SKU:23602) $7.99
GPX Tabletop stereo ($20MIR) (SKU:90013) $47
JVC music system (SKU:90903) $129.99
JVC Tabletop steareo (SKU:90933) $399.99
Panasonic Stereo (SKU:90353) $89.99
Panasonic 5 DVD Home Theater system (SKU:98353) $349.99
Philips Personal CD (SKU:23619) $29.99
RCA Home Theatre System (SKU:98003) $179.99
Samsung 5 DVD Home Theater system (SKU:98653) $299.99
Sony CD Walkman (SKU:23646/7/8) $49.99
Sony Undercounter CD Player/Clock/Radio (SKU:24984) $79.99
Sony Slim Undercounter CD Player/Clock/Radio (SKU:24094) $109.99
Sony Home Theatre System (SKU:98153) $349.99
Sony DVD Home Theater system (SKU:98183) $499.99
Aiwa Car CD Player (SKU:30151) $99.99
Audiovox Car CD Player (SKU:32870) $39.99
Whistler Radar Detector (SKU:50100) $29.99
Diehard SUV Battery (SKU $89.99
Diehard Gold Battery (SKU:) $79.99
Diehard International Battery (SKU:) $99.99
Moroe Sensa-Trac Stuts (SKU:) $99.99
American Racing Wheels Chrome 15" (4pc) (SKU:) $449
American Racing Wheels Chrome 16" (4pc) (SKU:) $499
Pro Digital Air Guage (SKU:23012) $16.99
Diehard 18ft 6gauge booster cable (SKU:7313) $16.99
Digital Compas (SKU:23009) $16.99
Turtle Wax Cooler (SKU:21015) $16.99

click here for even more places

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dude are you sure you don't work for sears? if not i think you should be getting paid for advertising :thumbup :shrug

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:stupid If I wrote that it would have said like, go to Sears soon tons of junk cheap.

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no I don't work for sears but I saw this and my mouth droped I am looking at the motorcycle jack for a 100 bucks for my old man and the 5 megapixel camera for 200 for myself:thumbup but check out the link at the bottom has other places as well

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I work at Ace Hardware. For our after thanksgiving sale we have tons of tools on sale and then free with a mail in rebate. Oh wait i cant tell you yet..... check your paper on thursday

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Ace hardware

Black & Decker Cordless screwdriver 2052272 or
60-pc screwdriver bit set 2052389 or
17-pc drill set 2052306
Each 9.99, free after MIR

Again, “Your choice, Limit one rebate per item:”
DeWalt 7-1/4” Carbide saw blade or
5-pc reciprocating saw blade set
Each 7.99, free after MIR

Rubbermaid 4-gal Storage Box
2.49, free after MIR (Limit 3 rebates)

3-pack GE 28” lighted Candy Canes
4.99, free after MIR

Not free but hot:
Black & Decker 7.2v Cordless 3/8” 2-speed Drill 22101 or
Skil 3.5 amp 3/8” Corded 2052124

Each 19.99 – 10.00 MIR = 9.99 (looks like one separate rebate for each)
Ace 53-pc Socket/Wrench set 2107019
19.99 – 10.00 MIR = 9.99

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When does the ace sale start? Friday Morning?

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3gal 6hp shop vac:19.97

Straight Line laser level: 19.97

300pc drill bit set: 39.97(this is a steal)

Delta 10" compound mitre saw: 69.00

GMC table saw: 39.97

We also stock a motorcycle atv jack for like $90

Tons of other steals too!!! Make sure you check your local Lowe's ad on turkey day!!!! Some great deals, and there are even more that won't be advertised.

(and yes I do work at Lowes)

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isint there big sales right after christmas too?
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