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I went out today to check my timing and it was just a little off

so then i fixed it up

and now its blowing black carbon like a MOther ****

would this only be my air fuel mixture ???

Cuz im running a carb and the Air Fuel mixture is perfect ...

I really dont know why this would happen all of a sudden any hoo

im out to try try again

if you guys got any ideas that would be great


But what does mine say?
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Damn dude! First the tranny, and now this! I feel for ya!
Was it knocking or ticking when you changed the timing?
What was the timing at, and what did you change it to?
Do you have lots of carbon build up on the carb, or is it clean?
How do the plugs look after this?

Looking at the pictures, it looks like you've spit some oil out. That says to me that your rings are bad. Does it only do this when the timing is advanced/retarded (whatever you did)? By the way, how sure are you that the mixture is perfect? If you advanced the timing, you need to add a lil fuel, and the opposit if you retarded it. I'm afraid to tell you to set it back, but try it and play with the mixture screw while it's there. (just a lil at a time) I'm not sure, but does that model have the spout connector? If so, did you remove it before you started making changes?
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