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Alright, I have this beautiful thing going on on the driver's side of my lady's bko...


I don't really know any places around here (Madison, WI) I stopped at one body shop down the street, they said they wouldn't work on anyhting with rust bc they couldn't guarentee their work. So I asked if there were any cars here without rust and they didn't laugh.

Anyways. does anyone know a decent shop in the area that i can get this looked at and estimated? When i move back to TX in like 1.5 years I have a show truck guy who is going to paint it at cost for trade, so I do not need a fab paint job, just need the body work done. Mainly I need an estimate so I can know what to save and expect to get this fixed before it rotts out. Only rust on the whole thing right there.

thanks guys.

PS- I live at an apt, have no welding tools or place to work, so it really isn't a possibility to fix my self currently. I just don't want this thing rusted out befor ei head back. It has gotten much worse in the 1.5 years we have been here and she rarely drives in the snow.
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