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Mods... If this is in the wrong spot or shouldn't be posted feel free to remove it or move it to where ever, sorry about that.

I am looking for a "backyard" bodyman. I have the parts (rear wheelwells and quarter patches) from JBG and am looking for someone to do the install. I've been to a few shops and they want more than the truck is worth to repair. I had a bodyguy but after the loss of his wife he retired and moved away. A new tailgate should be on its way soon also, but I can probable tackle it myself.

What I need:

Cutting out old sheetmetal, welding in patches and inner wheel wells, a small spot on the rocker (not rusted through), and primer areas (rattle can is fine)

The truck is getting a Macco / LineX paint job so show quality isnt needed.

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