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Bolt Part Number? (smog pump bolts 1993 5.8L)

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1993 XLT 5.8L

Bronco did not come with a smog pump, and Im getting the parts ordered to install idle bracket and pulley, just need a part number to reference for ordering the mount bolts for the smog pump.
Many thanks.
Backround information if youre curious. without a pulley in the smog pump's location, the belt loses tension at that leg of its journey and slips very aggressively, have tried reducing belt size numerous times, with no improvement,and im reaching some gnarly tension as it is. installing this off road idler seems to be the safe bet over playing with belt sizes.
parts im going to use;
(Bracket) Proform idler pulley bracket for 5.0 and 5.8 engines, Proform p/n 68110
(Pulley) Dorman A/C pump pulley, 6 groove, outer diameter 132.5mm, Dorman p/n 619644
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