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Bolt that holds top on spinning freely-what do I do?

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I went through a car wash the other day after getting my Bronco back. Water came in there the cap meets the body at the top....not a lot but enough to cause a concern. It only does it with pressurised water...not in rain storms.

I decided to take all the trim off and check the bolts.

Sure enough the passenger side top bolt that secures the top spins freely and will not "grab" and snug the top to the body.

Someone else removed and reinstalled the top and obviously damaged it.

How do I go agout fixing this and making it secure and snug?


Edit-After posting this I realised I probably put this in the wrong forum. It should probably go in the General Repair and Tech...if a Mod wants to move it go for it. Sorry.
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Thanks ARE the man!

Should I slide the top back to gain a better view? It seems I would have to right?

I think I might have to punch the person's face that did this to me!

A friend and I exchanged goods (a BMW rolling chassis I had) for work on my Bronco...he does solid work but he has a partner who is a Farggin' Retaaad. My friend left his partner alone waaaay to many times with my truck and now every single inch of my truck has things like this happening to it.:banghead
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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