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I was just browsing through gamershell like normal and stumbled across an offroad racing game demo so of course I had to try it.


It's nothing to write home about really, and it's kind of a PITA because the only version available is in Russian. It's not all that hard to navigate through the menus; the buttons are placed in the same spots as any other games. I even managed to change the details in the game eventually. The game "recommends" a 4200+ dual core processor, 2 gigs of ram, fast video card, etc. However, I got by at with 1024x768 and the "Best Performance" setting. I'm running an old single core AMD 2600+ with 1 gig of ram and a Nvidia 6800 GT 256 mb video card.

If you have anything less than that, such as just onboard graphics or a lower end old or even newer graphics card I'd probably not try to run it.

My opinion is that it's decent. Being that there aren't that many games of this type out there and I'm desperate to play anything where I can take a truck offroad, this satisfies me temporarily. There are annoying little quirks like the vehicle being very jumpy in movement when going over rocks, and of course it being in Russian but it's worth a try.

If anyone ventures to give it a shot and is stumped on something like controls or how to change video settings I'll try to help.

However, the default is (if I remember right)
Up Arrow: Accelerate
Down: Brake
Left & Right steering
Shift (right one for sure): Winch
M: Low/High range toggle
F2: Change views

Those were all I needed to get through the course.

BTW: Since this is a demo there are only 2 vehicles and 2 tracks, one a rock crawling type and another a head to head race with another truck both in snow.

I tried to take some screenshots but for some reason FRAPS gheyed out and didn't save them at all. :doh0715:

Here's a few off gamershell:

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