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brake distribution block (no anti-lock)

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My Bronco is from 1986, before RABS or 4WABS anti-lock systems
I am doing a brake upgrade before winter and my brake distribution block is "bad"
The slider for the warning light is gummed up and screws up my front to rear brake bias :banghead

I have an aftermarket Adjustable Proportioning Valve in the rear line.

So I don't need the built in rear brake valve in the factory distribution block.
A lot of people remove the rear brake valve guts, but I would still have a stuck low fluid warning slider. I couldn't get the thing apart to clean it without destroying it.

So after some research I bought a distribution block for a 1967 Mustang :chili:
It has all new parts and no proportioning valve.

Also swapping in the larger 3-1/8 bore T-Bird calipers, 1-3/8 bore Super-Duty master cylinder, and stainless lines
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Good post from the dead !
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