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So I've had an issue with my brake lights not working for probably about 2 months now. This is an issue since I use it as a daily driver. So here's the info and the things I've done and checked.

1981 Bronco w/4.9l straight 6, 4-speed manual
Issue began with brake lights AND turn signals not working. Did some searching online and someone said to pull out the button for the hazards and push it back in several times. I did that a suddenly had turn signals. But still no brake lights. I have checked:
-replaced brake light switch
-checked all fuses
Someone said it might be a turn signal switch which is kinda spendy so I hope not. I haven't traced the wires yet. One thing I'm wondering about is I have a little box on the underside of my dash below the steering wheel with a knob that can move left to right and moves a little when i depress the brake peda. (I'm assuming this is a towing package???) Anyways, there are some wires coming from it leading somewhere beyond the firewall. Except for one that is just hanging there. It's a red wire and if I knew where it was intended to go, I would plug it back in.

So....that's all the info. Any ideas??
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