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Well, I gotta say. Today is not my day.

I started to do the rear breaks today.
I have had a break problem starting since I buried her
last week so I got some advise to look at the drums and
figured hell might as well do the breaks then.
:beer $10.99 18 pack Coors Light
Brake shoes $28.00

Did the left one, Hour tops. Thinkin I'm a :imp
Then for the right.
Take off the tire and drum and :shocked
:shrug Where does it say gear oil belongs there?:shrug
Well, there's a bad seal.:banghead :cry
Well I go get the seal and some gear oil at PepBoys
$10.32 for that plus BreakClean.
Get home pull the diff cover.:confused:
Where are my L/S clutches? Oh! there they are
sitting in the bottom lip of the diff.
:goodfinge um anyway. Who needs L/S anyway?
So I let it drain for a while and come back to it to pull the axle
and change the seal.
Grab a 5/16 wrench to take out the center pin retaining bolt
I turn the head of the bolt and get about a 1/2 inch of thread
out. :cry The rest of it is still in there. So, 5 beers later I'm sittin here waiting for someone to call back that has an EZ-out for
me to break of in it later tonight or tommorow.
Wait, Workin on my 6th now, Guess it will be tommorow.

As BobK (nwbronco) said to me earlier on the phone.
Welcome to an 8.8
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