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well this is my third bronco others were a 79 with a 351m400 and an 80 with a 302 and the newest but not getting rid of this one!!! no matter what, the 80 model hurt went to take the dog out started the bronco too let it warm up before pickin the ex-wife up from work and the dumbass neighboor went too pull the e brake but didnt know stuff bout old trucks and pulled the parking lights and then finally managed to find the brake release and it rolled back and off a 70 foot imbankment at my old apartment bent the frame the tree that stopped it went through the fiberglass top. so i sold it too a guy for parts.

I came across my new one a 1990 with a jasper block and rebuilt engine with 6k on the engine 302 bored .060 over, it has its issues previous owner complete jack ass wiring harness fuubard everything he has done has made it a wiring nightmare, and he used wood screws all over the dash board, inside not too bad body has some body damage was told it had a 6 inch susp. lift well as i looked at it its only got a 3 inch body and the front is really only like 1.5 too 2 inch body lift and the rear is 3 inches.

bought it for two reasons one i wanted another bronco and two he just had a kid and needed some money he paid 1700 owned it for 6 months and drove it twice but im not sure if i got ripped off or not i feel i didnt cause of the engine alone! but only paid him 900 cause of the problems that i found and came across the worst so far when i got home with it had no fluid at all in the rear end!!!:shocked but heres a few pics gotta get a new digi

bent brush guard removed

girlfriend 6.5 mnths pregnant and friend 6ft1

stickers removed and frame painted back too black
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