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Broke a Bolt putting on new shocks

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Broke a Bolt putting on new shocks. It's the passenger side front shock forward of the axle. The auxiliary shock on the right front went on fine. The bolt head broke off and the bolt is still in the metal sleeve. What is the best way to fix this? Have a mechanic drill out the bolt and replace it with a new one? Also, I think the shocks were the originals because they were Motorcraft, old and the right front was sagging a little bit. I'm on a budget and had to replace them with Monroe Gas Matics. They were $16 a piece and I needed six. Believe it or not it's a vast improvement and the shocks actually seem much softer than the ones I took off.
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You can try an easy out or try the mechanics. Another option that I have kinda wanted to try but haven't needed to yet is drill and tap the center of the old bolt, then slide a new one in, but use some JB weld on the bolt threads. The theory is that the JB weld will make the outter bolt come out, but the new bolt will stick tight.

A shock bolt shouldn't be that tight, but if someone used an impact on it when they changed it it is very possible to over tighten.

PS. where are you on the shore???
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