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broken clutch assist spring

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I don't know how but it is a monday.I was pulling in my driveway and a spring about 1.5" diam. x3" long fell onto my foot from up under my dash.:wtf I just finished tuning it up for a good long cruise .Has anyone ever replaced 1 before?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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Is it still driveable??????????????????/
does everyone have an automatic or what?????????????????????????
is the spring broke or something? what does the truck do now that it didnt do before the spring fell out?
The peddle still seems to have good spring to it.I don't know enough about it to risk driving.The only spring i can see that is still connected is at the linkage under the truck.
consult your haynes manuel. look through it and see if you can find where it goes. that and look under the dash to see if you can find a spot where a spring should go. if you find a spot, put it back and make it to where it wont fall off again.
The spring is snapped in 2 pieces.My peddle still comes back up but i have no idea when it will quit on me.i have to drive 250 miles to the new one.
Dude please don't Double Post.

Check out Steve83's clutch pictures on his supermotors account. The spring should be one piece it assists the pedal coming up, and since yours is still coming up that means your clutch system is in good shape, but get that spring replaced.
Thank you,I appreciate the info.
:duh sorrry about the double post ,I had to make it home.
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