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Bronco Code Question

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Been having problems with my tranny on my truck for past few days. First it was slipping out of gear once and a while next day could hardley get it in gear. Changed the filter and fluid and solved the slipping problem. But now truck seems to have no power. From a dead stop in drive it can barely get going, i have to manualy put it in first to get going. I pulled codes and got 91 and 92 1-2 Shift solenoid circuit failure(e40d). 93 Coast clutch solenoid circuit failure(e4od), 94 Converter clutch solenoid circuit failure, 99 Electronic pressure control circuit failure(e4od), and another with two descriptions 56 TOT reads & minus 40<deg.> F or circuit open(e4od) and 56 Vaf or MAF circuit amove maxium voltage. Not sure on meaning on some of these, any help would be appreciated thanks
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Did you clear any codes after changing the fluid?
no.. should i have?? After i changed the fluid i drove truck around block to warm engine up to get good reading on fluid level.
If you are having problems, and you change something, you should clear the codes. The computer remembers and might cause other problems thinking that the problem hasn't been fixed yet. Clear the codes, and drive it around, and if you get more codes, they will be more acurate,
alright will have to try that tommorrow when i get out of class. Thanks i'll post results tommorrow
I'd try pulling & cleaning the shift solenoid pack connector, and then inspect the lines from the PCM to that connector for shorts and opens. All of those codes are pointing to a problem with the connections to the solenoid pack, in the harness, or in the solenoid pack itself. I wouldn't keep driving it like you are, though. The 'default' gear is 4th, so you're creating a lot of heat trying to get going.
hey thanks man u nailed it that connector was sittin up bout 1/8 inch too high cuz of dirt under it cleaned it out and pushed it on and im back in buisness thanks for the info
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