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Bronco Driver mag. Cover

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Ok guys and gals... I want to do a art piece for the cover of Bronco Driver mag. :santa Well TRY and get it on there :thumbup . And I need a GOOD picture. So what I was thinking was something on the rocks, with lots of flex. Perferably a good side shot or 3/4 view from front or rear, or even a good wicked front view on the rocks with mega flex. Not sure how I should pick the 'winning' picture, maybe a poll on here? or close my eyes and pick? LOL Maybe have a deadline of January first? That way I can get this started. :D So post your BEST rock pics of your bronco and we'll go from there. Give me ideas on how to pick "THE ONE" ;) And any other suggestions would be helpful. :D I do my art mainly in pencil, so would have to make a very bold dark drawing...or I was thinking of toying with some color...we'll see. Thanks guys!! :kiss
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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