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Not mine!

Brian Soderblom is putting his rig up for sale and asked me to post it here for him. He's moving on to other adventures. Who ever buy's the rig is gettin' a hell of a deal. It's ready to go.

Good luck Brian. You'll be missed in the AZ bronco community.

Here's the link to his site.

Here's some pic's

Here's the spec's:

1989 Bronco Eddie Bauer

Under-hood modifications:
K&N filter
JBA shorty headers
large-case alternator
free-flow 3" single exhaust
electric cooling fan (Lincoln Mark 8)
vent lines for transmission, transfer case, and both diffs all extended
upgraded master cylinder/brake booster to F-350 components

On-board air
York compressor (mechanical, much faster than electric)
2.5 gal tank
taps front and rear

TJM T-15 Bullbar
aluminum construction, very light weight
includes steel winch mount piece, not installed
two PIAA foglights

Misc stuff
six-point rollcage w/ overhead shelf
Uniden CB, overhead shelf mount
In-cab adjustable shock controller, overhead shelf mount
hand throttle, mounted on transfer-case shifter
two under-body work/rock spotter lights
Kodiak Sidewinder power electric steps

five 37x12.5R15 Goodyear MT/R tires
five 15" steel rockcrawler rims
2.5" backspacing
two valves per, one on each is a Klune quickvalve
black powdercoating

Rear axle
Ford 9"
large bearing (sealed)
4.56 gears
1350 yoke
ARB air locker
Skyjacker Softride 6" springs
Rancho 9000 shocks (two)
Custom rear driveshaft, heavy-duty long slip

Front axle
Dana 44 - solid front axle (79 Bronco)
4.56 gears
ARB air locker
Warn shafts
Spicer u-joints
Warn hubs
Differential protector
Duff stage III radius arms (approx 15" longer than 89 stock)
6" Superlift coils
Upper coil mounts from 79 Bronco
Custom mounts for shocks, pair Rancho 9012's per side
Steering/trackbar assembly from Performance Unlimited - all high-end heim joints

Asking price is $10,000. Please send an email to [email protected]

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Ive followed Brians site since i first bought my truck. Hopefully he gets his price, His rig is worth it.


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Yeah, I'm pretty much done with 4-wheeling at this point. I haven't gone offroading in at least a year and a half, just drive the truck every so often to keep seals from drying out, etc. Between family, work, and other hobbies (specifically, skydiving ;)) I'm just not into the truck much anymore.


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Well, I'm hoping whoever buys it is involved with the online group somehow, I'd like to see what happens to it down the road. :) I need to find someone who's thinking about doing a buildup, that would be the perfect buyer.

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Hey Brian I think the bronco will be safer to jump out of rather than an airplane!!!:toothless :toothless

I hope you will at least keep your website up and running. I have/will use it for future references!!!

Good luck with skydiving don't want to her that you created a small crater in the earth man!!!:thumbup

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ok, ok, a dollar a day, for the rest of your life
Ok, I can go with that. Paid in advance, of course. Let's guess at 80 as my lifespan, so that works out to... let's see... carry the 1... square root... integrate the cosine... about 17155 days I have left, roughly. If I die sooner than that, I'll give you a refund. Deal? :D

The articles and such will stick around, they will probably be transferred to the 2BB Southwest website, i think.

Oh, and jumping out of the truck isn't as much fun. It's lifted, but not THAT high. :)
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