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Question: Is the tune just on this chip, or has it altered teh original program at all? From what I remember reading, chips like this merely "reroute" the EEC program to run what's on the chip, not changing the original programming at all. I am tempted to remove teh chip and try running the truck with just the EEC. According to Fireguy's website list, the C3W1 was originally for '89-'93 5.0 Mustangs with MAF/auto

My truck is 5.0, and is very built. It has been cammed, and the firing order changed to the HO Mustang firing order (vs the firing order of an '87 5.0 Bronco). It's also an AOD. So...should be OK?
Yes if you remove the SCT, than you revert back to the factory programming.

On the other question, yes the QH can be used in this setup and gives you the option to program it to what and how you want to run the vehicle.
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