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Maybe someone can help with this problem.
After I start it up, or sitting at a traffic light, or 4-way it will just cut off. I will turn it over and over and finally it will start up again. I had the engine coded out, nothing comes up. Anybody ever have this problem?
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Well sicne you said coded i am assuming you have EFI, when you say you turn it over and over, does it fire or is it just cranking and no trying to fire at all? when it does start does it seem a little rich at first or just normal? SOunds to me either a fuel problem or spark prob. THe fuel prob could be as simple as a pump going out or the wiring being all coroded at the relays (drivers side undder hood). On the spark side the most common is the TFI module on the distributor. It will have problems like you describe when it gets warm. BTW you need to buy the special little socket/tool to take the bolts off of the TFI module if you go that route
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