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Bronco Trouble in the Rain

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I just bought a 86 bronco II about 2 weeks ago. I just started to break it in when i realized that when it rains it gives me alot of trouble. Everytime I try to start up the engine it just keeps revving itself..i guess that might be the appropriate way of putting it...but it doesn't starts up. I've try gassing it while starting it up but it just won't rev the engine. And once it does start up, after a few hours of sitting w/ no rain, all this water comes out of the exhaust pipe. help please.

1986 Bronco II
4 SP Manual + Overdrive
2.9L Engine

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how can it rev, when it doesn't start? Just how much water are you talking about? several drops? a stream? a puddle?

If you can be more descriptive about it, it'll help in troubleshooting your problem - if indeed there is one

This is what I think about it - learn about it first. you've got no idea how many "what kind of oil does my engine take" kind of questions we've had to endure. They've been schooled since then, but questions like yours tell me that 1) the choke is still closed when you're trying to 'rev' it, and 2) the 'water' you're seeing is what you see when an engine is running properly
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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